Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

Last Posting of Year 2008

This posting is going to be my last posting in 2008, and when I look back, I'm quite amazed what God has done to me so far. How He has changed me, renewed my mind, renewed my strength, moved me from glory to glory... Never doubt that God is indeed a good God.
So, here are... the result of my partnership with God.

  1. Awarded as Lecturer of the Year 2008 M* C** University - June 2008. *)
  2. Achieved Master Degree, Electrical Engineering, Br* University - August 2008. *)
  3. Successfully gave presentation to 300 students about the opportunity of being a book author - July 2008. (some of them came to me, ask and show their interest to be an author, I think I managed to motivate them... you go guys).
  4. Set a new record of largest-attendance-public-preaching (500 people), B* Church - August 2008.
  5. Set a new record of public speaking to a group of 70 Public Relation Managers from all university in Malang - November 2008.
  6. Visiting Singapore for a week - November 2008. *)
  7. Finally successfully managed to give presentation for an hour and a half,FULL IN ENGLISH to group of 30 M* C** Lecturers - Dec 2008. *)
  8. First time got invitation to preach in a Christmas service - Dec 2008. *)
  9. Finished 7 IT books, 3 of them got ISBN already (will have finished another 3 in Feb 2009).
  10. Set a new record of "most-packed-activity-semester", had 23 credits semester, that means spend 1150 minutes/week (yes, per week) in teaching.

The asterisk sign (*) means that I've done for the very first time.And for 2009, I'm expecting:

  1. Get Ph. D scholarship in overseas (USA, Australia, Europe or Japan)
  2. Set a new record for highest income of my career history (please, it's income, not salary... you know that as a lecturer you won't have high salary, don't you? I'm thinking to earn from writing a book or website-based-business-income).
  3. Have serious relationship with a girl.
  4. Finish at least 6 other books, and at least one of them titled as best seller.
  5. Conduct at least 2 researches in IT and publish them in a scientific journal.
  6. The only record I don't want to break for year 2009 is: "most-packed-activity-semester".

I'll stay together to achieve them with My BELOVED Partner. I believe that HE has more than I thought or plan... I'm not going to limit HIM and as HE faithful to me, so am I.
Welcome 2009!
(Hei friends, why don't you make your own? you can't achieve what you can't imagine, rite?)

Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

I've decided...

"Hi Wind... So, how's your ADS Application?" (frequently asked question of this month)

"Emm... Unfortunately, I failed." (the word "unfortunately" can be replaced with "fortunately" in the coming months or years... no doubt about that. but for now allow me to put the word "unfortunately" as the most suitable word).

"Oh... So bad..." (thanks for your sincerity and pray, guys... I do appreciate that)

"That's fine lah..." (I answered and still curious why they reject my application. I've put a lot of efforts in it, I have 3 reference letters from the Ph.Ds, I already have supervisor for my proposed research from Curtin UT, I got TOEFL score..., never mind. Beside, I was applying for Master Degree... I'd beter apply for the Ph.D next year)

"Oh, ya... By the way Wind, you got girl friend already?" (Hmm... it sounds very familiar question... Let me think... oh ya I it's My mum fave question!)

"I want to... But, it's difficult to find one lah... Hei, you do know about that, rite?"

"Ya, Wind. But let me tell you something. Sooner or later you're gonna marry someone, aren't you?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then you're gonna face the same conflicts in marriage just like other couples. The problems won't be easier even if you postpone your marriage. They'll be there and stay the same."

"Okay, what's your point?"

"Then you'd better get married soon, young man! The sooner, the better... You'll have longer time to learn and deal with that all those problem! Why postpone, ah?"

"Errr...." [Okay, he's right.. Completely right]

"Errr... what? I don't see any good reason why you postpone your marriage. You've got all what_girl_want. You wait for nothing!"

[Geee... once again, he's right] "But... but... I enjoy being single. I can go anywhere I want, I can have anything I want, I can go with whoever..."

"Let me tell you something... It sounds cliche, but it's true... There's a season for everything... Your season for freedom is running out, and now it's the time for you to prepare for a new season. That new season called "marriage"."

"But... It's one time season, rite? The moment I entered that season, there's no way back, rite?"

"Hei, you got the point! And let me add something, doesn't that your Bible teach 'It's not good for a man alone, I'll make a companion for him'."


"If God says not good then it means not good. You teach Bible Study, you know that, don't you?"

"Yaaa... yaa... I know that..."

"Then you go decide which one, make commitment and get married soon..."

"I'll think about it..."

"NO! Don't say "I'll". You got to decide now... You have lot of girl friends to be considered, rite? Tell me, which one you like most?"

"It's ****"

"Then you go for her... Tell her, that you've decided and choose her... Ask her if she's willing to be your mate."

"Hah? Maid? You kidding me?"


[Never ending conversation, but I've made a decision...]

Senin, 01 Desember 2008

Emotional Quotient

Starting today up to next week or even could be next month, my emotional quotient has been and will be tested. I just lost my all my cell phones (N E71, N5510, N6215) - including the cards (2 GSM, 1 CDMA, and 1 Singapore Number). Someone broke into my room and took all my cell phones plus couple hundreds thousands (for my monthly expenses) from my wallet.

How bad is that? For me, it's bad. Damn bad!

Is it influencing my daily routine? Yes, definitely! I lost all contacts, birthday remainder, sermon notes, photos, songs. (So, please, kindly re-send your contact number trough YM or any other messengers).

Then, here is the emotional quotient test.

Next hours after I lost them, I had to teach Bible Study for the youths.

So, I must teach and feel bad and sad because of losing things in the same time. But I did it. I taught as if nothing happen. Nobody noticed that I have deep bad and sad feeling. Everybody just enjoyed the lesson as usual. I speak, chat with others, smile, and cheer as usual.

The challenges still continue.

Today, I got to teach 3 classes. So, I must controlled myself. I teach just like as usual. Same style and I think, nobody felt the difference. My students enjoyed my class without even realize what did happen to me. Ya, I think I did it.

So, I learn something. That's emotional quotient all about. It's the way we control and manage our emotion toward the situation we're dealing with now. It's about our respond toward the problems. I'm glad that I know I can control my emotional through this problem. It could've been worse. But I'm learning.

Next days, in the coming weeks, my emotional quotient still be tested, because I still feel bad about that... But I want to overcome it.

Meanwhile, if you notice this blog hasn't been updated since last month, it means I'm waiting something. I'm waiting the result of ADS2009 scholarship application. Some of my colleagues that apply the scholarship already have the result, and... it's not quite good news for them.

God... You know, I want so bad that scholarship. But, let Your will be done. You know what best for me.

Senin, 03 November 2008

Wanted: Sincere (Wo)Men!

Sincere itu artinya tulus, sungguh2.

Kalo kamu masi kuliah ato sekolah, most likely kamu nggak akan susah nyari temen yang sincere. Kamu bisa dapet sahabat yg bener2 mau bantui kamu tanpa pamrih apapun. Bisa jadi, km jg gitu. Siap bantui temen kamu kl mereka lagi kesulitan. Mau korban tenaga, waktu, ato bahkan korban uang demi bantu sahabat kamu... Semua kamu lakukan dengan tulus, tanpa pamrih... Latar belakangnya hanya satu kamu punya belas kasihan terhadap temen kamu itu, that's all, nggak ada yg laen. Saya ngalami masa2 kyk gitu, dan sampe sekarang saya enjoy a lot berteman dengan teman2 yg seperti itu (who doesn't anyway?)

(Before I continue, let me clarify that this posting has nothing to do with fried-potatoe-and-chocolate-banana meeting last week, I know that your heart is sincere for a greater good, u-know-who-u-are).

Tapi boleh percaya boleh nggak, nggak bisa nggak, akan ada orang2 yg nggak sincere di sekeliling kita. Orang2 yg hatinya nggak lurus, penuh intrik dan selalu berpolitik. Setiap langkah yang dilakukan orang2 kyk gini, pasti ada tujuannya, either untuk mengamankan posisinya, memenuhi ambisi pribadinya, ato bahkan agar org laen looks bad and dia-nya yg looks good.

Kata2 yg diucapkan jg nggak akan jaoh beda dengan tingkahnya. Dia bisa smile dengan manis ke semua orang, berkomunikasi dengan luwesnya yet dlm hatinya itu dilakukan demi memuluskan apa yg dipinginkan, nggak ada ketulusan di dalamnya. Even, dia dpt dengan mudahnya bertingkah sedemikian, mengucapkan kata2 tertentu agar org lain bs punya impresi tertentu terhadap dirinya, tepat seperti yg dia inginkan. Sekali lagi semua dilakukan demi memuluskan pencapaian ambisinya. Tapi ya semuanya artificial, buatan, nggak ada sincere di dalamnya. Orang laen mungkin nggak kerasa, tapi orang2 yg peka bisa ngeliat itu.

Apa ada ya orang kayak gitu? Saya nggak akan bisa cerita kl belom liat, jadi ya emang ada orang2 kyk gitu. Saya bahkan liat metamorfosa seorang anak muda yg saya kenal 4-5 taon lalu sebagai seseorang yg sincere, penuh kasih, senyumnya tulus berubah menjadi orang yg ambisius, berpolitik dan jd pinter berstrategi... Nggak apa adanya kyk dulu lagi. Mungkin dia udah dewasa sekarang, lingkungan dan pengalaman hidupnya membuat dia mikir bahwa kl nggak berpolitik, ya jd nggak bisa mendapatkan apa yg jd ambisinya. Opo iyo? Saya sih nggak percaya.

Kl kalian baca ini, mungkin ada yang ngerasa bahwa dirinya punya potensi untuk jd org yg kyk gitu, penuh intrik, berpolitik, nggak bisa sincere... Kabar baiknya, kalian bisa pilih sekarang, either mau tetep jd org yg penuh intrik or jadi orang yg sincere. Kalo saya, milih untuk berusaha jd org yang sincere. Kayak apa itu?

Ketika saya senyum ke orang laen, saya akan berusaha senyum dengan tulus untuk membagikan my joy ke org laen (bukan agar mereka suka sama saya dan dapat dimintai bantuan ketika saya butuh).

Ketika saya berbicara baik ato memuji org lain, saya akan lakukan dengan tulus untuk nunjukkan bahwa dia emang udah ngelakukan yang baik (bukan sebagai upaya ngambil hatinya agar dapat saya manfaatkan demi kepentingan pribadi saya kelak)

Ketika saya ngajar (either as IT lecturer or in my Bible study class) saya akan ngajar dengan tulus, agar anak2 saya dpt mengerti apa yg saya jelaskan dan menerapkannya dalam hidup mereka (bukan agar saya look good, sok pinter di dpn mreka ato hanya ingin mengejar kepopuleran saya).

Ketika saya membantu orang laen, saya akan bantu dengan sepenuh hati dan ngelakukannya dengan tulus, agar orang tersebut bisa ngerasakan kebaikan Tuhan (bukan agar dia hutang budi ke saya dan bisa saya tagih suatu hari kelak).

Let me tell you that itu semua bukan nature saya. I wasn't born in that way. Ada emang orang-orang yang secara nature udah sincere, dan saya nggak termasuk di dalamnya.

Tapi saya percaya tanpa ragu sama sekali, kl kita sincere, hati kita lurus, nggak maen intrik, nggak berpolitik di depan orang laen, dan kita jagai bener hati kita agar tetep selaras ma Tuhan, pure in heart, nggak ada kok yg perlu ditakutkan. Mungkin kita kliatan bodoh, polos, di-goblok2in dan di-"plokoto" oleh org2 yg penuh intrik itu, tapi sekalipun kita di-politik-i org2 yg penuh intrik, pembelaan Tuhan itu sempurna... Kita bahkan nggak perlu capek2 membela diri as long as we walk in God's way... No doubt about it. Bible says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

Nggak gampang emang berusaha jadi sincere, apalagi kl itu bukan nature kita... needs HIS power to have sincerity. Tp HIS power will move the moment we decide to have sincerity.

Want to decide to have sincerity?

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

Sermon on the 2nd Floor (Part 1: The Beatitudes)

In the book of Mathew, chapter 5, there's a very famous and powerful exposition that Jesus ever preach. It called "Sermon on the mount" (Kothbah di Bukit). This "Sermon On the Mount" starts with "The Beatitude" (Ucapan/Sabda Bahagia). There are 8 beatitudes that every believer should live in their daily life, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted", "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." and so on. But, anyway, I'm not gonna teach about this "Sermon on the mount".

I have my own Sermon. This is probably the most and powerful academic sermon I've ever preached in my career history as an IT lecturer. Since my room at 2nd floor of B* P* Building, I call it "Sermon on the 2nd Floor".

Let's start with the first series, called "The Beatitudes" (Sabda Bahagia).

  1. And seeing the multitudes reading this blog, I went up to my office: and when I was set, I start to type.
  2. Blessed are the pure in heart during the work, for they shall obtain promotion.
  3. Blessed are the Professors and Ph. D/DR, for they shall appreciated with high salary.
  4. Blessed are those who hold JAFA (Jabatan Fungsional Akademik/Functional Acknowledgment as a lecturer from the Department of National Education), for they shall teach in peace.
  5. Blessed are those which do hunger and thirst after the truth, for they shall receive block grant through their research.
  6. Blessed are those hold Structural position (Jabatan Struktural), for they shall find many problems and challanges.
  7. Blessed are the workaholics and productive lecturers, for they shall be praised.
  8. Blessed are the diligent, merciful, cheerful and joyful, for they shall become popular and nominated as Lecturer of the year.
  9. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for they shall quit and find another good University.
  10. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for you shall receive help from many friends.
So, colleagues, if you want to quote this verse, you may say, "According to Sermon on the 2nd Floor by Windra, Posting #155, verse 3, it said that Blessed are the ..."

Hehe2... and someday this "Sermon on the 2nd Floor" will become popular around the world and be preached from university to university. This sermon will be a standard for lecturer attitude. It starts from this small university.


Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

Seed of Greatness

I've just finished watching "August Rush" movie couple minutes ago. It really indeed a good movie, one of the best movie I've ever watched. (Thanks to Ivonne Sabrina who put this movie in her favourite movies list). If you DO love music, I strongly recommend you to watch the movie. I guarantee that it'll inspire you more... Even for me, a guy with no (or very little) music talent, it's still sooo inspiring.

I'm not going to review the movie actually (you'd better watch by yourself). But, after watching this movie, I can't stop thinking that all of us has a seed of greatness in certain area. Either area of leadership, entertainment, science, linguistic, music, writing or whatever human being have been developing since the starting of mankind's civllitation. All of us has it! God never creates junk! Whether you realize it or not, as long as you're breathing in the same earth, living in the same sun, sleeping under the same moon, each of us has and living with the seed of greatness inside us. It always starts with a seed, no more and no less.

Some of us realize their greatness in a very young age, some in their youth, some in their adult, and many never realize at all for the rest of their live. So sad... But once we realize our seed of greatness, we have our own choice to either grow it up or just ignore that seed. In the final analysis, it's always about choice.

I've decided to grow it up. This is probably a bit shocking... But, recently I realized the seed of greatness inside me trough my name. Ya, through my name, Windra Swastika. I never know how and why did my dad give me that name. I don't even know what's the meaning. There were time, that I was a bit shame when introduce or saying my name to new people, simply because it's a uncommon name. But, recently... I sense the greatness of "Windra Swastika" name. I've seen through my eyes of faith, that someday, some years from now, that name will be known as a person that give positive impact to the world, either it's in education, IT, or as a best selling book author. What I'm doing now, is making that seed grows well, fruitful and multiply in its season.

I don't know about you... But, lately I've found very importance lesson in live. Whatever we think, whatever ever we say, whatever we do, each time we breath, it's either we grow the seed or we abandon that seed. If you already know that you have seed of greatness, and then you wasting your time by playing around, busy gosipping and talk nonsense to others, never force yourself to exercise or learn, then it will always remains as a seed, no more and no less. And finally, you die with that little small unfruitful seed inside you.

Trust me, every minute counts.

Hmmm... I just realize that the story (and history) of mankind is always about growing the greatness inside them, right?

Jumat, 17 Oktober 2008

Kacamata romance

Kalo saya ngeliat mahasiswa saya lagi pacaran, saya itu sering bertanya2 dalam hati... "Kacamata apa ya yang dipake si cowok untuk ngeliat si cewek?" tapi yang sering bikin saya miris itu adalah Kacamata yang dipake si cewek untuk ngeliat pacarnya.

Cewek2 itu masih umur 18 ato 19. Hormon estrogen mreka baru aja diproduksi 5-6 taonan lalu, which is gara2 estrogen itu jadi ada bagian2 dari tubuh mereka yang berubah, you-know-what-are-they. While they're in puberty, pikiran dipengaruhi ma buku2 ato film2 romance ala City of Angels, West Side Story, 50 First Date, You've Got Mail, Pearl Harbor, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, P.S. I Love U, Made of Honor dan lain2nya. Blom lagi lirik2 lagu kayak Michael Buble (baca: Bu-ble) yang dengan lihainya bisa menimbulkan nuansa romance kalo didengerin, apalagi ndengerin Everything-nya Michael Buble berdua, di cafe ato candle light dinner...

Jadi, dominasi romance ini bener2 melekat. Kalo ada cowok yang bisa punya romance kyk yg ada film2 itu, that'll definitely attract the girls. Si cewek yang pikirannya msi di-dominasi romance ini nggak akan kuat menolak.

Pertanyaannya, bahaya nggak pacaran karena romance?

Bahaya nek! Dominasi romance ini akan ilang 4-6 yrs later, ketika mereka ngeliat dunia yang sesungguhnya, ketika mereka mulai mikir jaoh. Pas usia 18 ato 19 taon, para cewek would rather cowok yang fun dan bisa diajaki jalan2 rather than cowok yang suka kerja/rajin blajar, para cewek would rather cowok yang good looking, yang populer ketimbang cowok yang pinter ato serius.

All of a sudden, ktika udah usia 22 ato 23 setelah lulus kuliah, para cewek akan mulai mikir... Buat apa cowok yang fun klo dia nggak isa kerja? Buat apa cowok yg good looking kl dia nggak setia ato suka te-pe2 ke cewek laen? Buat apa cowok yang populer kl dia gagal di studinya? Kacamata romance yang dulu diagung2kan udah mulai dilepas dan ngeliat dunia sebenernya.

Welcome to the real world lady.

Tapi, yang menyedihkan adalah most of them udah pacaran sejak mereka usia 18 taon, masa2 ketika romance mendominasi pikiran si cewek. Dan sekarang si cewek berusia 23 taon, udah lulus kuliah, ingin berkarir, mulai bekerja. Romance udah nggak begitu penting lagi kyk 4-5 taon yg lalu... yang lebih dibutuhkan adalah safety untuk masa depannya.

Nah, here is the critical mass.

Beberapa udah terikat emosional dengan sangat dalam ma cowoknya. Pacaran 4 ato 5 taon, akan bikin mereka punya peluang untuk ngelakukan apapun. Simply karena dulunya pikiran mreka didominasi oleh romance yang mereka tonton. So, awalnya ciuman dianggep romance. It is romance. Tapi lama kelamaan ciuman-nya jadi ciuman nafsu (eros, bibir dengan bibir). Dan I tell you bahwa jarak ciuman nafsu ke petting (meraba-raba) udah deket banget. At this stage, ikatan emosional antara cowok dan cewek tambah dalem. Kalo akhirnya sampe putus, it hurts sooooo bad bagi si cewek (either emotional or physical). Lah, cowoknya? Nyantai aja lagi. Segitunya? Iya. Saya cowok, jadi tau persis itu.

Jadi gimana baiknya?

Saran saya, jangan pacaran kalo kamu msi pake kacamata romance, apalagi kl pacarnya nggak takut Tuhan, jadi nggak ada yang nge-rem. Dan kalo putus di kemudian hari, yang tersisa km jd menderita trauma emosional, fisik... Bagi cewek, nggak gampang lepas dari trauma itu, even sampe nikah, kalo nggak di-cleanse, si cewek akan terus ngerasa jijik dengan keadaan dirinya (para cowok, let me tell you sebagai sesama cowok, please, jangan menyakiti istri orang... cewek yg kalian putus itu, someday akan jadi istri orang laen, you're not only hurt her, but the whole generation!).

Dari mana asalnya semua itu? Simply dari pacaran ketika romance mendominasi pikirannya. Dan untuk cewek2 yang bisa ngelewati masa2 romance di usia 20something tanpa pacaran walopun ada kesempatan, saya salut dengan kalian... Trust me girls, true love can wait.

Think about that, girls.Tell me what do you think.

Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

Reading "ness"

Psstt...! I have one special ability that normal human being doesn't have. I realize this ability since I was 20-something... I couldn't remember exactly when and how. But, back at that time, it wasn't so sharp. I mean, many times inacurate... Why so? Most probably because I just lack of experience how to use it or may be I wasn't sure if human being can really have this kind of ability. Later on, I know that this ability is a gift and I want to use it in positive way.

What ability?

Ok, do you know that word "ness" is usually used to turn an adjective into a noun? If you know a bit about grammar, you can compare these sentence to feel the difference:

"You're very kind"
"Thank you for your kindness"
The word "kind" in first sentence functions as an adjective, and the second sentence ("kindness") functions as a noun. We, (yes "you"!), are a unique character that identified by our name. I can use word "Windra" as an adjective that refer to all my distinctive-unique-characters. For example: "His behaviour is so windra". That means, someone has all my characters, the way he thinks, he does, he feels just like me. Additional "ness" after "windra" means the noun. So, the word "windraness" will be a noun to describe all my characters. Got that?

Nah, the ability I talked earlier, is the ability to read other's people' ness. Yes, I can read your "ness". Day by day, I found that my ability to read someone's "ness" is getting sharper and more acurate. Give me 15-30 minutes to talk with someone totally strange. At the end of conversation, all distinctive-unique-characters of that person already in my mind, whether s/he stubborn, smart, cunning, humble, introvert, sincere, has hatred, trauma, burden, good self-control, selfish... Almost everything. My brain seems keep processing while we're having conversation and finally conclude all of his/her "ness" at the end. All his/her characters are concluded not only from the content of our conversation, but from the way s/he talks, his/her mimics, eye movement, head movement, body movement, winks, talking speed, voice, everything. Most likely, I scan through his/her spirit unconsciously, and then pop... They already in my mind. Really... I don't have control to deactivate this ability. Sometime, it just deactivates by itself, without my intervention.

I believe, it's not a curse, but it's a gift

Kamis, 02 Oktober 2008

Who are you looking for, Win?

Who are you looking for, Win?

In term of soulmate, I've asked that question for the last 4 years... yet still no answer.

Last month, I thought I've found someone. She's gorgeous, nice, so talented, has a very beautiful heart, and most important, she loves God wholeheartedly. Then, I started to wonder whether she's the one. I tried to know her inside out, getting closer with her, spent time with her and friends. It's been good... really good tough, till last week.

I lost the passion. Completely lost. I don't know what happen, but somehow, it's just lost somewhere. It happens many times. One moment I have that passion, but then the very next moment, it's lost...

Who are you looking for, Win?

I started to ask, why it's easy for me to have the love passion to someone and all of a sudden losing it in a very short time. May be... all those passion are actually temporary passion after all. It exists in some season and when the season is gone, the passion also gone.

But, deep inside my heart, there's someone I love. She's so special for me. I've known her for years, and yet I still have that passion. The passion I have for her now, is exactly the same when I first met her. Is it true love or temporary? I don't know.

But the problem is, I really don't have the courage to tell her...

Kamis, 25 September 2008

Ordinary People

We all are ordinary people with extraordinary dream. Think about that for a moment.

Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, saya adalah orang biasa. Saya menjalani hidup dengan biasa-biasa, punya saudara, punya orang tua, punya teman, menempuh pendidikan seperti halnya orang yang lain. Semuanya biasa saja, till one day, I dream an extraordinary dream.

Impian / cita-cita yang extraordinary itu changes me from ordinary people to extraordinary. It drives me to a level that I've never been there before. It forces my self to do beyond my current capacity.

It's true. Kita semua terlahir sebagai orang-orang biasa... dan memang kita adalah orang biasa, till one day, we encounter an extraordinary dream in our live. Jika kita nggak punya mimpi, kita hari ini tetap sama dengan kita yang kemarin.

We're all ordinary people with extraordinary dream...

One single dream, can change you. One single dream, can make you extraordinary. One single dream... can change your whole destiny.

...and the $1M question will be: "What's your dream?"

Senin, 22 September 2008

Human Being

"According to all known laws of aviation,
there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible."

(Bee Movie, 2007)

Hehe2... rasanya geli juga ngeliat lebah yang terbang dengan innocent tanpa peduli apa yang ada pikiran manusia. Manusia terlalu pintar sih. Tapi isn't that true? Most of the time, kita bertindak karena sesuatu yang kita pikir kita bisa lakukan dan kita tidak bertindak karena sesuatu yang kita pikir tidak bisa kita lakukan.

Seandainya lebah ngerti ilmu fisika, mungkin lebah adalah hewan yang nggak bisa terbang karena menurut fisika, kekuatan sayap lebah nggak akan pernah bisa mengangkat tubuh gendutnya... Tapi lebah nggak ngerti fisika, jadi mereka ya terbang karena ngeliat generasi sebelum mereka juga bisa terbang. Generasi sebelum mereka bisa terbang karena ngeliat generasi yang sebelumnya lagi terbang, begitu dan seterusnya...

So, maybe... (imajinasi saya...) Dulu lebah nggak bisa terbang. Lalu ada seekor lebah yang ngeliat burung yang lagi terbang dengan sayapnya. Lalu lebah ini, berpikir bahwa seharusnya lebah juga bisa terbang. Lebah ini mencoba mengepakkan sayapnya... Alih-alih dia terbang, dia malah terjerembab ke tanah karena belum terbiasa. Dia coba lagi, coba, coba, dan lagi. Till one day... Dia bisa terbang selama 1 menit. Dia berlatih terus menerus, sampai suatu hari, dia bisa terbang as far as he wants. Lebah lain yang melihat lebah ini bisa terbang, mulai berpikir bahwa kalau lebah yang itu bisa terbang, maka dia juga bisa. Lalu seekor lebah mencoba untuk terbang meniru lebah yang sudah berhasil ini, dan berhasil. Semakin lama, semakin banyak lebah yang bisa terbang. Anak2 lebah yang dilahirkan pada generasi bahwa lebah bisa terbang, secara otomatis tidak berpikir bahwa mereka tidak bisa terbang. The rest is history.

So is human. Kamu boleh ganti kata kerja "terbang" tadi dengan "berbicara", "menulis", "bermain musik", "menghitung", dan banyak lagi. Karena kita hidup di antara generasi yang menganggap bahwa berbicara adalah sesuatu yang lazim, maka jadilah manusia yang bisa berbicara. Karena kita hidup di generasi di mana manusia bisa menulis, maka jadilah kita manusia yang bisa menulis... dan seterusnya, dan seterusnya...

Seandainya, ada manusia yang bisa terbang tanpa alat bantu apapun, most likely, kita akan jadi makhluk yang bisa terbang. Tapi karena belum ada satupun manusia yang bisa terbang, maka kita pikir, kita nggak akan pernah bisa terbang. Seandainya ada manusia yang bisa menembus tembok, most likely, kita dapat menembus tembok semudah kita berjalan menembus udara. Tapi karena belum ada satupun manusia yang bisa berjalan menembus tembok, maka kita pikir kita tidak akan bisa menembus tembok.

So true... Many times, our mind limits ourself to do and achieve great things. If we think we can't do, we don't do. The fact is: if we think we can't do, doesn't mean we can't do. It's just a merely a thought, not a fact.

For me personally, for many years since I was a kid... I thought I can't speak in front of people. It's just a merely thinking. The fact is: I can speak in front of people, though sometimes feel that I'm not eloquent enough.

So, why don't you give a shot what you think you can't do. You'll never know what you're capable of.


Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008

I would do...

Maybe, love is the greatest things in the world after all. Many people would do anything, even die in the name of love. Many creative great poets, musics, inventions and discoveries are found because of things called love. Many people willing to leave his family and working hard for his lovely family. It's quite amazed that this simple LOVE word can make people maximize their potential, do many things that he can't do before.
You can call it sentimental, overly emotional, over-romantic... But, would you do this to your girl... in the name of love...? (inspired from a bulletin board)

  • give her one of your t-shirts to sleep in.
  • leave her cute text notes.
  • tell her she looks beautiful.
  • look into her eyes when you talk to her.
  • let her mess with your hair.
  • touch her hair.
  • just walk around with her.
  • FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES.
  • look at her like she's the only girl you see.
  • tickle her even when she says stop.
  • hold her hand when you are around your friends.
  • be the one to take her hand, not to make her reach for me
  • be the one to call her, not to make her always call you
  • when she starts swearing at me, tell her you love her.
  • let her fall asleep in your arms.
  • get her mad, then kiss her.
  • tease her and let her tease me back.
  • stay up all night with her when she's sick.
  • watch her favorite movie with her.
  • kiss her forehead.
  • give her the world.
  • write her letters.
  • let her wear your clothes.
  • when she's sad, hang out with her.
  • let her know she's important.
  • let her take all the photos she wants of you.
  • when you tell her you love her, you'll love her like you've never loved someone before.
You may think that these things only happen in a perfect world, not in the world we lived in. But, I still believe that true love does exist. And I'll try my best to give that true love to a girl I love... (So sweeeettt...)

Minggu, 24 Agustus 2008

Quantum Leap - Offering Preaching

Inspired from this Quantum Leap Posting by Pak Patris, I felt like having my own Quantum Leap on last Saturday Evening.

... and there he goes, stands in a luxurious well-decorated stage before the church musical drama "Gembel Jadi Pangeran" start. His job is to preach what-so-called "Offering Preaching" - a short preaching before offering time... It was easy thou actually, very easy for him if done in front of 10-15 youths - like he usually does in cell group. But this time, 500 people are coming to see the musical drama, 1000 eyes will stare at him and 1000 ears will listen to what he said. And... one more fact, preaching in front of hundreds people is realyyyy reallyyy not his natural ability...

So, when I was standing at the pulpit, in front of those foreigners to preach, I felt like having my Quantum Leap. Yesterday, I was Windra, an IT lecturer that usually lecturing 40-50 young college students. In a very short time, I change and leap in into this character. A character that must complete its mission: "do offering-preaching in front of 500 foreigners".

Well then, I accomplished the mission... But I know it wasn't my best. If Simon Cowell, one of the American Idols judges, was there, definitely he will say, "That was so forgettable-performance, Win. People will going home without even remember what you talking." Then with his strong british English, he'll continue, "You're not qualified to be in that glotious stage, Win. Go back and teach small class, you're lucky enough if your student know what you talking about..." Then the audience will "booo" him.

Well, whatever Simon said, I've set new record for my own, speaking in front of 500 foreigners - something that I've never done before. But, that's not the point. The point is that you'll surprise if you knew me 10 years ago.

A very sarcastic and selfish boy, solitaire and living in his own world, doesn't really care to people. Yet, deep inside his heart, he felt inferior, felt nothing but ordinary un-important and not-so-likable boy. He couldn't even speak clearly to other people, 5 words is enough to answer a very long question. In his 22, he found and encounter God's true love through Jesus and his life never be the same again. He started to speak and preach confidently in front of 10 people, 20 people, 50 people, 100 people, 200 people and yesterday 500 people. He's no longer feel inferior. He found his vision and destiny. God is not finish dealing with him, many great things are prepared and waiting to be done. That Saturday evening, definitely is one of God's preparation for him.

God... you always "wow" me with Your surprises.

Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

Bulan-bulan Tesis: Final Episode

In M* C** Uni, we have so-called "mentorship" program or "mentoring" if you prefer gerund or "discipleship" is also acceptable. Whatever it called, the purpose of this mentorship is transfering life values from the mentor to the mentees (those who are being mentored). This program is expected to shape their attitude during their 4 years study at M* C**, make them learn how to be a mature, wise, responsible, and successful people in marketplace, whereever they are. (I bet this program makes M* C** Uni different from other uni)
So, every student will have one (wise) mentor and at least one co-mentor. They are periodically gather and do some activities. They always have the opportunity to share their (personal) problems and asking for advice to their mentor. Having 15 mentees, our mentorship group is quite lucky to have three mentors, me, the rector of the university (yes, the rector willing to be a mentor and spend her time to do mentorship program) and one of math lecturer.

As a mentor, I'm thinking to share my struggling when I pursuing my Master. I wrote and sent an email
soon after I finish my Master Final Exams (August 13) to all my mentees. Then I decided to make it an open-letter to all. Wish the other students can learn something from I've experienced.

Dear all,
Saya hari ini baru menyelesaikan ujian tesis sebagai syarat akhir untuk
mendapatkan gelar Magister (Master). Ada beberapa hal yang ingin saya bagikan
khusus untuk adik-adik saya di Group Ole Johan Dahl ini. Semoga apa yang saya bagikan ini bisa berguna saat kalian nanti mengerjakan tugas akhir sebagai syarat kelulusan Sarjana.
Satu bulan yang lalu, saya sudah hampir menyerah saat melakukan
penelitian. Saya meneliti tentang pengembangan teori Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan yang melibatkan banyak perhitungan matematika. Hasilnya harus dimodelkan dalam program komputer untuk diuji dengan berbagai macam data. Hingga bulan lalu, program komputer yang saya buat tidak berjalan sebagaimana seharusnya. Menurut teori semuanya benar, tapi ketika program tersebut dijalankan dan diuji dengan data, hasilnya tidak sesuai dengan perhitungan. Pagi, siang, malam saya menelusuri ribuan baris program komputer itu untuk mencari di mana salahnya.

Tapi tidak berhasil menemukan, sampai di suatu titik, saya menyerah. Saat itu
saya sudah memutuskan untuk memperpanjang 1 semester lagi.
Tapi titik baliknya terjadi pada suatu Sabtu. Saya masih ingat, saya sampai di kantor Pk. 9 pagi, berencana untuk membuat materi pelajaran semester mendatang (jadi terbengkalai gara-gara fokus di tesis). Alih-alih membuat materi pelajaran, saya malah membuka-buka program komputer yang sebenarnya sudah saya rencanakan untuk saya diamkan beberapa minggu (karena saya sudah menyerah dan berencana memperpanjang masa studi). Tiba-tiba pandangan mata saya terfokus pada beberapa baris program di depan saya. Saya merasakan ada sesuatu yang salah di situ. Dari ribuan baris program, puluhan modul, “somehow” saya terfokus pada baris-baris itu. Lalu saya menurunkan ulang perhitungan matematikanya, mencocokkan dengan pemodelan di baris-baris program itu. Ternyata benar, di beberapa baris itu ada kesalahan yang fatal, tidak sinkron antara hasil perhitungan matematika dengan penerapan di program komputer. Rasanya seperti mendapat pencerahan. Saya melakukan perbaikan pada beberapa baris itu, lalu mulai menguji dengan data. Hasilnya sesuai dengan apa yang diperkirakan.
Setelah program dan pengujian data selesai, saya segera berkonsultasi
dengan pembimbing untuk menyusun laporan hasilnya, mengadakan seminar hasil untuk men-diseminasi (menyebarkan) hasil dari penelitian yang telah dilakukan. Lalu mengurus administrasi untuk ujian. Hasil penelitian itu harus
dipertanggungjawabkan dan diuji di hadapan 2 orang penguji dan 2 dua pembimbing. Saya lulus dengan nilai A.
Pengalaman selama saya melakukan penelitian ini telah membuat saya
belajar 2 buah pelajaran yang sangat penting dalam hidup.
Otak kita bukanlah segalanya, tapi Tuhanlah segalanya. Setiap malam,
saya senantiasa berdoa dan berharap penuh kepada Tuhan untuk tesis saya. Saya tidak pernah ragu dengan kekuasaan Tuhan. Di saat saya menyerah, Tuhan menunjukkan kasihNya untuk saya. Saya yakin, jika saya TIDAK pernah berdoa dan berharap kepada Tuhan, hari Sabtu itu akan jadi hari yang biasa, dan saya tidak akan pernah menemukan kesalahan programnya. Hari ini, sangat mungkin saya masih mencari-cari di mana kesalahannya. Otak kita sangat terbatas, tapi kuasa Tuhan
yang tidak terbatas. Masalah apapun yang kita hadapi, senantiasa berdoa dan berharap kepada Tuhan. Kita tidak pernah tahu kapan Tuhan menjawab doa kita dan dengan cara apa.
Pelajaran yang kedua adalah: jika untuk meraih sukses dapat dirangkum
dengan satu kata, saya akan merangkumnya dengan kata “Persistence” (ketekunan, keteguhan, kegigihan, kekuatan untuk terus mencoba). Jangan mudah menyerah. Kita tidak pernah tahu betapa dekatnya kita dengan kesuksesan yang kita inginkan saat kita menyerah. Saat ini, saya bisa mengukur bahwa ketika saya menyerah waktu itu, sebenarnya saya sudah sangat dekat dengan tujuan yang ingin saya capai, jaraknya hanya terpaut beberapa baris program. Saya bersyukur bahwa Tuhan yang
Berdoa, berharap kepada Tuhan dan punyai ketekunan. Pelajaran penting
dalam hidup yang sudah saya alami untuk sukses mencapai tujuan. Semoga berguna.
Terimakasih juga untuk dukungannya selama ini (khusus kepada Bu S*** yang
senantiasa menaruh keyakinan kepada saya dan mendukung penuh saya, kepada Pak F*** yang banyak membantu dalam perhitungan matematisnya dan untuk semuanya!).
So, this posting will be the final episode of "Bulan-bulan Tesis" Series. Now I'm thinking to create another Series... I already have the name, it called "My Doctorate Journey" Series. Will be launched soon.

Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2008

Endonesha - Story behind independence day

This is a story of great country named United State of Endonesha. An independent and beautiful archipelago country located somewhere in Timbuktu. Hit almost 200million population, this country becomes a living legend. True living legend till now, but very few people know the history behind independence day of this great country. Many blood (and sweat) were shed at that moment.

Here's the story.

Endonesha - What the United State of Endonesha's historian never tell you

Part I - Rapat Penculikan

Jam 10 pagi, 14 Agustus 1945 TW (Tahun Timbuktu).
Lokasi: Rengasdengklek, Kerawang

Prolog: Saat itu Endonesha masih terjajah dan belum menjadi United State. Kondisi ekonomi morat marit, tiga tahun bangsa itu dijajah bangsa Jpang. Dalam tiga tahun itu, Sekarno, pemimpin bangsa itu, telah melakukan banyak negosiasi dengan bangsa Jpang agar Endonesha bisa mengatur sendiri kehidupan bernegaranya. Bangsa Jpang menjanjikan bahwa Endonesha segera diberi kemerdekaan. Bahkan agar lebih meyakinkan, Bangsa Jpang membentuk PPKE (Panita Persiapan Kemerdekaan Endonesha) atau Dokuritzu Zyunbi IInkei dan menunjuk Sekarno sebagai ketuanya.

Mereka rapat, 8 orang pemuda jomblo yang sudah ngebet pengen segera merdeka (dan kawin).

"Kita culik saja Sekarno!" Usul Melik, salah satu pemuda yang bersumpah akan menjomblo seumur hidupnya sebelum bangsa tercintanya merdeka.

Saleh, dengan kecerdasan setingkat di atas protozoa berusaha menganalisa ide itu. "Diculik? Untuk apa? Minta tebusan ya?" Jawabnya nggak nyambung, minggu lalu dia mengalami masa kelam hidupnya, yaitu ditinggal selingkuh Tina, pacarnya dengan seorang prajurit Jpang.

"YA UNTUK KITA PAKSA MEMPROKLAMASIKAN KEMERDEKAAN, DODOLLL...!!! Masak untuk kita ajak jalan2 ke Taman Ria..." Jawab Melik, emosi.

"Demi negara ini, gue rela nemenin Sekarno ke Taman Ria..." Jawabnya pragmatis, masih nggak nyambung. Beberapa pemuda di ruangan itu menoleh ke arahnya, memandang dengan iba.

"Culik, lalu paksa dia olang baca-ken ploklamasi...!" Timpal Oei Bun. "Ini waktu... pas buat kita olang untuk ploklamasiken kemeldekaan..."

"Proklamasi kemerdekaan..." Ralat Melik

"Iya, ploklamasi kemeldekaan maksud gwa... kmalen gwa dengel di ladio BBC kalo Sekutu sudah ngebom hilosima..." Sambung Oei Bun.

"Hirosima..." Ralat Melik

"Iya, hilosima maksud gua... Jadi kita atul skenalio penculikannya!!" Kata Oei Bun bersemangat.

"Skenario..." Ralat Melik

Para pemuda itu segera berunding...

"Loe bawa pentungan..."
"... andongnya mesti disiapin..."
"... iya, jgn lupa karung..."
"... sampe taman Ria..." Bletak! Sebelum Saleh melanjutkan idenya, sebuah jitakan mendarat dengan telak di kepalanya.
"... kudanya ada..."
"... jangan lupa salapan..."
"16 agustus, jam 4 pagi di jalan menteng..."
"... tapi taman Ria blom buka..." Protes Saleh. Kali ini para pemuda segera mengikat Saleh, menyekapnya, dan membuangnya di jalan.
"... oke, deal or no deal?"
"DEAL...!" Jawab mereka kompak. Kelak salah satu televisi swasta mencuplik kata "Deal or no deal" hari itu sebagai nama kuis.


Part II - Peristiwa Penculikan

Dini hari, Pk. 03.00 16 Agustus 1945 TW
Sepanjang jalan Menteng, Rengasdengklek, Kerawang

Segerombolan pemuda itu mengendap2 di Jalan menteng. Melik segera mengambil alih komando.
"Kainnya udah ada?"
"Sip, warnanya merah muda, 1x2 meter, cukup untuk bikin 2 potong baju" Jawab Adam Malich
"Pentungan siap?" Tanya Melik
Bletak...! "Aoowww..." Teriak Saleh, spontan. Kepalanya jadi korban pembuktian bahwa pentungan sudah disiapkan dengan baik.

Tepat di depan rumah no. 31...
"Pagelnya ditutup..." Komentar Oei Bun dengan tampang kecewa. Ia berharap pagar yang setinggi 4 meter itu dibuka lebar lalu mereka disambut dengan umbul2 bertuliskan "Selamat Datang Para Penculik Sekarno... Silahkan Masuk" lengkap dengan petunjuk arah lokasi plus tarian Lenong.
"Jadi kita manjat ya?" Tanya saleh
"YA, IYA LAH KITA MANJAT, DODOLLLL...! Masak kita mo ngetok2 dan bilang kalo kita mo nyulik Sekarno?" Melik emosi.

Mereka segera memanjat dengan susah payah pagar setinggi 4 meter itu. Setelah sukses memanjat pagar, mereka segera masuk ke dalam rumah. Di dalam, Sekarno masih terjaga, berbincang2 dengan Vatmawati, istrinya yang sedang menimang Petir anak mereka yang berusia 1 tahun (kelak, 55 tahun kemudian adik Petir, Awanwati menjadi presiden United State of Endonesha). Mereka sedang berbincang2 dalam ruangan yang diterangi cahaya lilin (karena lampu mati) mengenai masa depan negara Endonesha sambil ngemil kerupuk. Ke-8 pemuda itu bersembunyi dan mendengarkan perbincangan itu.

"... kekuatan yang segelintir ini tidak cukup untuk melawan kekuatan bersenjata dan kesiapan total. Yang paling penting di dalam peperangan dan revolusi adalah saatnya yang tepat..."

Bletakk... Melik mengayunkan pentungan dan memukul sebentuk kepala di depannya yang diharapkan itu adalah kepala Sekarno. Tapi yang muncul malah erangan dari Saleh.

"Adduuuhh..." Saleh mengaduh sebelum akhirnya pingsan dengan posisi tertelungkup memegang kepalanya yang dalam waktu dekat akan benjol. Karung yang mereka bawa, segera digunakan untuk menutup obyek kepala yang mengaduh tersebut. Dengan menggunakan andong, mereka membawa objek kepala yang benjol dan tubuhnya ke Jaharta, ibukota negara Endonesha. Sementara Sekarno menyaksikan kejadian tersebut dengan terenyuh dan bertanya2 nasib Bangsa Endonesha ke depan. Demi mendukung terlaksananya rencana mereka, Sekarno ikut naik andong tersebut, bersama Vatmawati dan anaknya, Petir. Lalu bersama2 mereka menyanyikan sebuah lagu yang akan dikenang oleh anak2 Endonesha sepanjang masa.

"Pada hari minggu, kuturut ayah ke kota,
Naik delman istimewa kududuk di muka..."


Part III - Proklamasi Kemerdekaan

17 Agustus 1945 (TW)
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 56, Jaharta
06.00 WT

Setelah 14 jam perjalanan menggunakan andong dari Kerawang menuju Jaharta, tibalah mereka di Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 56. Beberapa pemuda lain sudah menunggu tibanya mereka.

Sementara Saleh sudah tersadar dari pingsannya, dan bertanya apakah mereka sudah sampai di Taman Ria. Pertanyaan itu disambut dengan pentungan untuk kedua kalinya yang membuat Saleh tak sadar dengan durasi pingsan dua kali lipat lebih lama dari sebelumnya.

Mereka mendudukkan Sekarno dan memaksanya untuk menuliskan naskah proklamasi. Sekarno meminta waktu dan ingin merapatkan dahulu dengan golongan tua, terutama Bung Bhatta yang saat itu menjadi wakil negara.

Para pemuda itu memaksa Sekarno untuk memproklamasikan kemerdekaan dengan cara2 premanisme (kelak, premanisme menjadi bagian yang tak terpisahkan dengan United State of Endonesha, kemungkinan para preman2 itu meneladani apa yang telah dilakukan pemuda2 itu).

Tidak ada pilihan, Sekarno dan Bhatta segera berunding untuk menuliskan naskah proklamasi kemerdekaan.

Kami bangsa Endonesha dengan ini menjatakan kemerdekaan Endonesha.

Hal-hal jang mengenai pemindahan kekoeasaan d.l.l., diselenggarakan
dengan tjara seksama dan dalam tempo jang sesingkat-singkatnja.
Semoea peristiwa sebeloem proklamasi dan saat proklamasi ini, harap
dikenang setiap tahoennja.

Djaharta, hari 17 boelan 8 tahoen 45
Atas nama bangsa Endonesha.

Tulisan tangan itu segera diketik oleh Melik dengan menggunakan mesin ketik qwerty yang dibeli dari pedagang kelontong tetangga, Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 58. Tepat pk. 10.00, Sekarno mengenakan peci hitam yang dipinjam dari Bung Bhatta, membacakan teks proklamasi itu.


Catatan sejarah yang tertinggal:
Setiap tahun sejak proklamasi kemerdekaan tahun 1945 itu, bangsa Endonesha merayakannya dengan cara yang tidak dilakukan bangsa lain, yaitu mengadakan lomba2. Lomba2 itu sebenarnya merupakan cerminan peristiwa yang terjadi menjelang proklamasi kemerdekaan.

Lomba makan krupuk untuk memperingati bahwa saat Sekarno diculik, beliau sedang ngemil krupuk bersama istrinya.
Lomba panjat pinang untuk memperingati ke-8 pemuda tersebut memanjat pagar setinggi 4 meter dalam tragedi penculikan Sekarno.
Lomba pukul bendok dengan kepala tertutup untuk memperingati bagaimana kepala Saleh terkena pentungan Melik saat terjadi tragedi penculikan Sekarno. Bendok (kendi) digunakan sebagai pengganti kepala, mengingat akan banyak korban yang akan berjatuhan jika lomba diadakan dalam versi aslinya, yaitu memukul kepala.
Lomba balap karung, untuk memperingati bagaimana kepala Sekarno ditutup karung saat diculik, walaupun ternyata sebenarnya kepala Saleh yang masuk ke dalam karung. Panitia memodifikasi lomba itu menjadi balap karung yang kita kenal saat ini, mengingat banyak korban tercebur sungai, nyasar ke RT tetangga, menabrak kerumunan penonton bahkan menabrak pagar tetangga ketika mereka berlomba dengan kepala tertutup.
Karnaval andong, untuk memperingati bahwa mereka dibawa menggunakan andong dari Jln. Menteng 31 ke Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 56.
Happy 63 Anniversary to my country, Indonesia...!
I'm proud to be an Indonesian.

Jumat, 08 Agustus 2008

Ikuti perkembangan atau mati mengenaskan!

Dunia IT (Information Technology) adalah dunia yang kejam... Di balik semua kemudahan yang bisa kamu nikmati so far (your gadget, computer, internet), ada kekejaman di dalamnya. Bahkan dulu saya sempat berpikir untuk ganti haluan dan quit berkarir di dunia IT, saking kejamnya dunia IT. Bagi seorang ITer, berlaku un-avoid-able law: ikuti perkembangan atau mati mengenaskan!

Saya bayangkan, seandainya saya nggak pernah ngikuti perkembangan IT setelah saya lulus kuliah S1 10 tahun yang lalu, most likely saya saat ini end up menjadi clerk / juru ketik / petugas administrasi somewhere in a small office with 6 digits salary (less than a million).

Bahkan sekarang-pun, setelah saya merasa telah memeras otak habis2an dalam 10 tahun terakhir, membaca puluhan bahkan artikel, buku IT setiap bulannya, belajar newest internet technology, programming setiap harinya, saya tetap masih merasa ketinggalan.

I'll give you the example how cruel IT field is.

Saya pernah membuat program aplikasi 3-5 tahun yang lalu (Payroll system with Finger print, Point of sales, Trading, etc).
At that time, aplikasi itu sangat berharga, orang mau keluar duit sebesar 7-8 digit untuk aplikasi itu. Tapi aplikasi itu sekarang udah nggak ada nilainya, tergantikan dengan teknologi yang
lebih baru. Padahal dulu bikinnya spend waktu months (dan berpikir
bahwa aplikasi tersebut bisa di-package lalu dilempar ke pasar - lalu bisa menikmati hasilnya lewat penjualan package tersebut).
Sekarang? Aplikasi itu udah jadi sekumpulan file usang di komputer yang nggak pernah
diakses lagi. Nilainya ter-depresiasi menjadi Rp. 0.

Tahun lalu, saya punya ide untuk membuat website e-commerce. Saya merasa telah menguasai semua teknologinya, dari product sampe payment system (hasil 1 tahun research) - saya bahkan sampai membuat 2 seri buku tentang e-commerce. Hari ini, ide yang nggak pernah saya realisasi itu sudah usang. Ide itu sudah bukan ide brilian lagi. Sekelompok "netpreneur" di Malang menjalankan ide tersebut dan menghasilkan omset ratusan juta per bulan. Saya hampir bisa memastikan, di kota besar lain (Surabaya, Jakarta), ada puluhan grup netpreneur yang melakukan hal yang sama. Ide e-commerce sudah usang. Kalau saya merealisasikan ide saya, kompetisi-nya sudah sangat mengerikan. I need something fresh and be pioneer. Saat ini ada puluhan ide di otak saya untuk IT ini, yang saya yakin, kalau nggak segera saya wujudkan dalam 3 bulan ke depan, nasibnya akan sama dengan ide e-commerce. Worthless.

Setiap hari, saya memaksa diri saya untuk meng-generate ide2 kreatif. Lalu mengevaluasi, melihat pasar, melihat tren IT yang sedang berkembang. Lalu segera secepat mungkin belajar untuk menguasai teknologinya. Tanpa itu semua, saya nggak akan survive. Saya akan tertinggal... Kalau sudah tertinggal, apa lagi yang bisa saya berikan untuk mahasiswa2 saya? Mau tetap mengajarkan ilmu usang yang worthless dan gak bisa mereka pakai nantinya? I'd better quit.

Dari apa yang saya alami dalam 4 tahun terakhir ini sebagai ITer, saya sungguh menjadi buta. Jarak pandang prediksi untuk IT di masa mendatang sudah sangat pendek karena drastisnya kecepatan perubahannya. Saya nggak berani "keukeuh" stick pada rencana2 saya. Pasti babak belur kalo dipaksa. Hukum: "Ikuti perkembangan atau mati mengenaskan!"sangat berlaku di sini. Lalu saya menemukan pola yang sama di dunia IT dalam tahun2 terakhir ini (dan kayaknya berlaku hampir di semua area):

In the coming years there'll be more changes than ever before
In the coming years there'll be more competitions in your field than ever before
In the coming years there'll be more opportunities than ever before
Nah, those who do not adjust to the rapid rate changes, growth, competition and different opportunity available will be out of their field within couple months. What do we expect kalo udah tertinggal? High Income? Success? Promotion? No way, Jose! The world won't give its treasure for those who out of their field. The world only give its treasure for those who excel in their field.

Dan tugas saya sebagai pendidik di dunia IT untuk mengingatkan, memotivasi, mengajar calon-calon ITer Indonesia di Universitas M* C** ini agar selalu mewaspadai un-avoid-able IT law: "ikuti perkembangan atau mati mengenaskan!".

Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008


Saya bukan ahli bahasa, tapi kalau saya diberi hak untuk membuat vocabulary baru, saya akan menambahkan kata: setongkol.

Arti kata "setongkol" (tm) menurut Kamus Kecil Windra Swastika (KKWS):
Setongkol: 1. (adj) sebesar ikan tongkol. 2. (n) usaha-usaha dari sekelompok orang atau individu untuk menjatuhkan (nama) seekor tongkol.
Bersetongkol: (v) berkomplot atau bersepakat untuk melakukan setongkol.
Persetongkolan: (n) hal bersetongkol.

Contoh kalimat:

  • Luka di kepalanya membuat pipinya bengkak setongkol (artinya bengkak di pipinya sebesar ikan tongkol).
  • Adanya persetongkolan di tempat ini telah berhasil diendus oleh seekor kucing.
  • Mereka yang telah bersetongkol akhirnya berhasil mendapatkan tongkol dengan harga murah.
Never mind tentang persetongkolan dan tongkol-tongkol itu. Basically, kalo ada orang yang bersetongkol dan melakukan persetongkolan terhadap kamu (mungkin karena kamu mendapatkan sesuatu, mungkin karena dia suka makan tongkol, mungkin karena harga tongkol sedang mahal di pasar, atau mungkin juga karena wajahnya mirip tongkol) kamu akan segera aware, bisa mengendus bahwa ada oknum-tongkol di sekitar kamu. Oknum-tongkol tersebut biasanya akan mencari tongkol-tongkol di masa lalu kamu, karena dia adalah kolektor tongkol sejati. Tapi kalau berhadapan dengan kamu, dia akan tetap manis, kamu boleh kategorikan dia sebagai frenemy (friend tapi enemy).

Nah, kalau ada persetongkolan yang dilakukan terhadap saya, sekali lagi, saya akan berusaha untuk punya meekness. Tidak membela diri atau balik melempari balik oknum-tongkol itu dengan tongkol. Karena seberapa kuat sih, saya bisa melempari oknum-tongkol itu dengan tongkol? Lagian saya nggak punya banyak tongkol. Maksut saya, seberapa kuat saya bisa membela diri? In fact, the more I defense my self, the more tongkol i'll get.

Tapi saya yakin satu hal.

Saya yakin, DIA adalah tempat perlindungan saya.

HE said, "Because you hath set your love upon ME, therefore will I deliver you: I will set you on high, because you hath known MY name. You shall call upon ME, and I will answer you: I will be with you in trouble; I will deliver you, and honour you." (Psalm 91)

I have set my love upon HIM, saya mengasihiNYA, dan saya tidak pernah meragukanNYA karena saya mengenalNYA... dan sungguh, saya tenang dengan semua janji perlindunganNYA. Saya tidak terintimidasi dengan segala jenis persetongkolan yang dilakukan ke saya, karena saya kenal sekali SIAPA yang membela saya. I don't have to say even a word for self-defense karena DIA yang membela saya.

Tell me, persetongkolan jenis apa yang saya takutkan kalau DIA ada untuk membela saya?

Jumat, 01 Agustus 2008

Bulan-bulan Tesis: Hamil

Pilih jawaban yang benar.
Apa hubungan antara membuat tesis dengan hamil?
a. Wanita hamil dilarang membuat tesis.
b. Mengerjakan tesis dapat membuat hamil.
c. Membuat tesis dapat menunda kehamilan.
d. Untuk mengerjakan tesis, perlu hamil terlebih dulu.

Silahkan dijawab. But, if can't find the answer, that's fine. You may think that I'm just kidding. But, in a VERY serious note, one of those options are the answer. IT HAPPENED TO ME! Masa...? YEP! It DOES happen to me. Read the options and guess which one is happenning to me. You may keep your answer and see whether we have same thought.

Bagi yang menjawab dengan opsi a:
Wanita hamil dilarang membuat tesis
Mungkin kamu mikir bahwa saat ngadakan penelitian, kita bakalan butuh keseriusan, butuh ketekunan, butuh kerja keras, harus meras otak dan kerja siang malem. Jelas kondisi kayak gini nggak kondusif bagi wanita hamil. Jadi, kalo sedang hamil, ya jangan bikin tesis, demi keselamatan bayi. Hei, siapa tahu nanti bayi itu akan jadi seorang peneliti besar...? Bayangkan, lha wong sejak di kandungan DNA peneliti-nya udah di-ON-kan oleh si ibu yang siang malem meneliti. Who knows?

Bagi yang menjawab dengan opsi b:
Mengerjakan tesis dapat membuat hamil
I'm a bit confused for those who choose this one. Mengerjakan tesis dapat membuat hamil? Hamil darimana? Ketika bikin tesis, saya jelas nggak berencana untuk hamil dan nggak kepingin hamil. Even istri saya kelak, nggak saya hamili dengan cara membuat tesis. Cara yang nggak manusiawi... menghamili dengan membuat tesis. Duh, gak kebayang (dan please, nggak usah diterus2kan bayangkan).

Bagi yang menjawab dengan opsi c:
Membuat tesis dapat menunda kehamilan
Hmmm... Make sense ya? Gara2 sibuk bikin tesis, jadi nggak punya waktu selain ngurus tesisnya. Jadinya kuper, nggak gaul (*)... (dan akhirnya nggak sempet meng-*-i). Jadi nggak salah juga kalo tesis dapat menunda kehamilan... Tapi, this option didn't happen to me. Unless I already have a wife, then, probably this option could have been happened to me. But, I promise this won't happen... Family comes first.

Jadi jawabannya tinggal d.
Untuk mengerjakan tesis, perlu hamil terlebih dulu.
Loh kok? Jadi? Sebelum kerja tesis sebaiknya hamil? Emang knapa kok harus hamil? Nggak bisa emang kalo nggak hamil? Lah, kalo cowok gimana bisa hamil? Kok aneh?

Jawabnya adalah d. Untuk mengerjakan tesis, perlu hamil terlebih dulu.

It's true. Saya hamil. Hamil tua malah. Itu hasil percintaan saya dengan the-girl-who-..., eh, bukan2... maksut saya dengan JST, Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan, topik tesis saya. You may notice in last couple postings that I'm so in love with this JST. I've been working with her for the last 2 month, day and night we spent time together in either good or bad times. Even the food I ate tastes like JST. Dan minggu2 ini, saya sedang menunggu kelahiran bayi ini. Saat lahir, bayi itu akan segera punya nama, yaitu... "MAGISTER TEKNIK (MT)".

So, opsi d. Untuk mengerjakan tesis, sebaiknya hamil terlebih dulu, jadi make sense kan? Sebenernya, it works bukan cmn dalam pengerjaan tesis. It does work in every aspect of our life.

Let me explain, as we already know, kehamilan secara fisik itu bisa terjadi ketika sperma bertemu dengan sel telur, lalu terjadi pembuahan. Butuh inkubator, wadah, container untuk menyimpan dan melindungi hasil pembuahan tersebut. God already designed a womb as the container to protect it. Dan sebelum bayi hasil pembuahan itu keluar, bisa dilihat (dan bisa ditimang2), ada yang namanya proses kehamilan. It's not instantaneous. Kehamilan manusia takes 9 months before the baby born.

And what is true in physical realm, also true in spirit realm, except that physical realm limitted by space and time, and spirit realm has are not limitted by either space or time.

Pikiran kita ini menjadi wadah untuk hasil pembuahan... (Gosh, I'm trembling when got this revelation, WHAT A GREAT GOD!). Pikiran kita ini menjadi wadah untuk hasil pembuahan "sperma" dan "sel telur". Yang jadi "sperma" adalah ide, visi, gagasan, intuisi... Dan yang menjadi "sel telur" adalah mindset kita. Jutaan "sperma" memborbadir pikiran kita setiap hari. Jutaan "sperma" itu menembus dan siap membuahi "sel telur" yang ada. Tapi ketika "sperma" itu masuk, the critical question will be, apakah ada "sel telur" yang siap dibuahi? If the egg-cell is ready to be fertilized, then POP! you're "pregnant"... Tapi kalo nggak ada sel telur yang siap dibuahi, then the sperms will die (what is true in physical realm, also true in spirit realm, wow!).

How do we get HIGH QUALITY SPERM? Simple, if you have intimacy with God, you spend time with HIM daily, read HIS Words, and pray, then you'll notice that HE gives you millions of HIS "sperms" (ideas, visions, intuition). HE gives through what? He gives through HIS Words or through our prayer. And I've experienced for the last 6 years... The "sperms" ARE REALLLYYY HIGH QUALITY. It DOES change my life dramatically to be MUCH-MUCH better person.I'm the living proof.

But, once again, if HE already gives HIS "sperms", the critical question, "Apakah "sel telur"-nya siap dibuahi oleh "sperma2" itu?" "Apakah pikiran kita siap membuahinya?" Kalo nggak siap, the "sperm" will soon die. Kalo siap, akan terjadi pembuahan lalu terjadi kehamilan. Jika kehamilan itu dijaga dengan baik, dalam beberapa waktu ke depan, si "bayi"-nya akan lahir. Guess, bagaimana bentuk "bayi"-nya? Bentuk dan karakter "bayi"-nya akan mewarisi DNA dari pemberi "sperm" (what is true in physical realm, also true in spirit realm). That's why buah yang kita hasilkan beda satu sama lain walopun it comes from the same sperms. Wow...!! Ckckck... So amazed bahwa kita adalah mempelaiNYA!

God, I don't want to be barren. I want to have many "babies" from YOU...

PS: you should aware of "LOW QUALITY sperms" that spread by the devil. Just let they go, and die...! No need to be fertilized, because the "baby" definitely is very ugly.

Rabu, 23 Juli 2008


She was 50 when I was born and I'm 30 when she died. Remember my early kid, when my parents were working so hard from day till evening. At that time, she was like my nanny, she took care of me, fed me, protected me with her love, she was truly my world during my early age. She told lot legendary chinesse stories before I sleep (she's a good story teller, though). She also care about education. She taught me, and my sisters as well, how to spell "A-Be-Ce-De..." during my preschool, how to say "ma-mi, pa-pi, cik-de, cik-nga.", how to read, how to write, and how to count.

If I can do coding computer program using very complex algorithms and implemented it in programming language, developing sophisticated application, do count differential and integral today, she's definitely the one who laid the foundation of basic math and language on me...

Not to mention the moral values I've learn from her. She occupied big portion in my childhood... and I'll be completely different person if I never know her.

I notice her as a very precise and organized person. She always remembers where puts things. Even in his old age, she puts all her stuffs in very orderly way and make sure everything is in its place. Neat, tidy, careful was truly her DNA (I think I only got half of it). She's very compassion, tender, lovely... As far as I remember, she never scold me.

In her last days, she still remembered that I'm studying to get master degree, many times she asked me whether I've already got master degree or not and then told me to find a wife soon after I finished my study (I will) - actually it was her last message to me.

Since 2007, she couldn't wake up. Totally rest in bed. My mom took care of her. I usualy went to see her after work at 9pm or 10pm, give her milk or other kind of beverage. For the last one month, she couldn't speak and getting worse.

Last Friday she's totally unconscious, comatose and not responding at all. We know that the time is coming. But she's waiting for someone. She's struggle very hard, try to keep breathing, keep on keeping on to be alive, force herself to breath in, breathe out... She's waiting for this woman.

She's already waiting for years her oldest daughter - her lovely one. Although she's totally unconscious, we can sense that she didn't want to go before her oldest daughter come to see her... She made it, she made force herself to wait till Sunday. Sunday, at 12, after hours struggling and dying, her oldest daughter came to her, cried before her and sorry for all the mistake she's done, sorry that she never see and couldn't take care of her in her old age...

An hours later after her oldest daughter came, she's gone. She's leaving all of us... What a GREAT TRUE LOVE of a mother... and I couldn't stand not to cry seeing how she struggling, dying, suffering, trying hard to keep alive just to wait for her oldest daughter to come.

Grandma... I'm proud to be your grandson, we do love you.

Rest in peace.

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