Kamis, 26 Februari 2009

[My Doctorate Journey] One Step Closer To Japan

Today, Feb 25th will be one of the most important dates in my journey of pursuing Ph. D. Today, I officially have a professor that willing to supervise my research topic. Yippi...!

Here is the acceptance letter:

Yes, it's in Chiba University, Japan. Ok, you might misunderstand about the letter... It does not mean I get the scholarship already and going to Japan next month. No! But having a professor for my research is a giant leap on my doctorate journey. This letter will be used to register at Chiba University as a post-graduate student.

I put a lot efforts to have this-only-one-page-letter alone. It's not just dropped from heaven to my mailbox, it's not just one or two days correspondence with someone-somewhere in the internet, it's not just browsing at google and all of sudden got this letter. No!

It takes months. I read lot journals, books, and dissertations before finally I came out with only-three-pages-resesarch-proposal to be sent.

Next step will be finding out about Chiba University registration procedure to have Letter of Acceptance as post-graduate student, then apply for dikti scholarship on March or April 2009.

It's a long journey. Let's see what happen next.

[Meanwhile, I'll keep going on preparation for iBT TOEFL on March 14th... Wah, life IS very exciting when you do have hope!]

Senin, 16 Februari 2009

Measuring Success

How do you measure your success?

For many years, I almost believed that success is always about the amount of money I earn or about good career I have. But, recently my mind gradually changes. I met many right people on the right time that shows me what success is. Through these people, I feel like God giving me piece-by-piece of puzzle to be solved rather than gives a whole picture. I called this Puzzle: "what-is-success" puzzle.

After arranging the puzzle piece-by-piece, I come to the conclusion, that success is not merely about money or career. For me, success is about how big your impact to other people, how big your contribution to the society. If through your lifestyle, your action, your thinking, your teaching, your writing, your invention or whatever you can think of, many people are touch and became a better people, then you are simply a success people.

I realize that living in this world is not about ourself after all, it's not about earning money and enjoy it for ourself alone. I do believe, we all are here in this world, breathing the same air, walking under the same sun, living under the same moon is NOT meant to live for our own. We're here because someone NEEDS us, because the society needs us, otherwise God won't create us.

This revelation convinces me more to pursue my doctorate and to be a researcher in IT-biomedic area. IT and biomedic area opens the posibility to make better quality of life for all people. I just finished writing two research proposals, one about early detection of osteoporosis. If I could have finished this research, thousand of people around the world will get the benefit. In their early age, they would have known either they have osteoporosis risk or no. If they have one, they will do precaution act to prevent osteoporosis in their old age. Finally, they will work more productive and enjoying better quality of life. But, they wouldn't enjoyed their life if their bone fractures because osteoporosis. I can clearly imagine how world would be different by the result of this research alone.

The other research proposal is about estimation of respiratory organ motion for cancer radioteraphy treatment. I don't know how to explain because there will many technical and medical terms. Basically, it will help lung cancer patient to have better treatment.

I really HOPE, I can give something for the society - to make this world a better world. The amount of money will not determine my success, but my success is determined by the amount of people that is helped by what I've done, the amount of students that have learned from what I've taught, and the amount of readers that have better thinking by the book or posting I've written. (And through what I've done, I believe that money will automatically flow in). That what success is.

Life is not about ourself after all. It's about what we give. It's about what we contribute to make this world is better world.

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