Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

An ideal job means...

Let me start with a simple question: what is your most ideal job?

Is it working in an international company and getting paid 5-or-6-figures (US$) per year? Is it becoming a part and teaching in a best-reputable university in this country? Is it building a company that opens new job opportunities for the others? Or, if you're a woman, you might think that the most ideal job for you (which I think the greatest ministry on planet earth) is having a family, raising your children, tapping their maximum potential and let them give great contribution for the society.

Think about it for a while (or many whiles). Ask your heart, what's the ideal job for you. A proverb saying, "whatever you dwell upon grows in your mind and will eventually become reality." So, think about your most ideal job, let it grows in your mind...

Sadly, so many people are trapped into a job that they don't like, yet they (seemed) have no choice but doing it "faithfully". Their excuses are:
  1. "what else I can do, this is the only job I can do."
  2. "if I quit, will I get another better jobs?"
  3. "yeaa... I know, I don't like this job and let's see... If I had a chance, then I leave" (and that chance never comes for the rest of his life),
  4. "I work only for the salary, for the sake of my family...",
  5. "I have many responsibilities for this company, if not me, then who's gonna take those responsibilities?"
  6. "just give me a little more time to stay..." (That little-more-time soon becomes 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and finally the rest of their life)
(Okay, the last one is my excuse and sure... it's okay to mention your own... :) )

So, the current job is not ideal for me? In term of employee, no. It's not ideal... Becoming an employee means: I'm gonna miss the first day of my child going to and back from school (you know, office hour), I'm gonna miss my boy's running race and clap to encourage him, I'm gonna miss my daughter's drama or singing performance, I won't be able immediately driving around my children when they need something at office hour, or accompanying them in a prestigious competition... I'm gonna misss so much activities of my family (my dad and my mom missed lot of my activities during school - and let this story is not repeated - and I promised to my-future-wife, that I won't let it happen to my children)

So, what's the ideal job for me?

First of all, I don't believe in an-easy-job, working only a-half-day, just chit-chat with colleagues and get paid 5-6-figures ($) per year. I don't think the world works in that way. I believe that very-high-income-job is a result and followed by a very-hard-hard work. No pain, no gain... And, the critical point is, if we really love what we do, hard work is painful, but it's enjoyable (that's why you should reallllyy love what you do).

Malcolm Gladwell, in his best-selling books, Outliers, wrote about the fact that most of success people (Bill Joy, The Beattles, Bill Gates, etc) requires 10,000-hours practice before they finally becomes internationally success. I agree, and if we don't like what we do now, we're not going to pass that 10,000 hours-rules to achieve great success. We're just becoming a mediocre.

On the contrary, if we do what we love to do, it's easy to maintain the spirit and keep praticing until we're excellent on it. A professional singer will practice 5-6hours per day - simply because he loves to sing! An international swimmer will wake-up at 4-5am in the morning to practice in the cold-pool - simply he loves moving fast in the water! A good teacher will spend 5-6hrs study for 1.5hour-lecturing in the new subject - simply because he loves to study and explain what he's studied to his students! An expert programmer will code for 5-6hrs per day to excel their skill - simply he loves coding so much! That's how successful becomes success.

And, what's the most ideal job for me?
I do love teaching (in certain subjects - not all subject). Since I'm good at logic, I love to study and teach logic-related-subjects (such as programming) and, ehm... I love to teach Bible-study in such a way that people not falling asleep :). I enjoy every second of teaching.

But... teaching is not my most ideal job. The "most-ideal-level" of teaching is 95 out 100... And, talking about the 100 out of 100 is...

Well, my most ideal job is... writing novel. Ya, writing novel is my dream job. A job that I can do anywhere, either I'm sitting in my room, in a crowd cafe, in the beach while wacthing sunset, spending time together and brain storming with spouse... It's an anywhere-anytime job... And, that's the most ideal job for me. Spending 10,000 hours writing such novel seems so challenging for me - hard work, but it's really enjoyable. But, I think I just don't have that time right now... Then, I'll make that time available someday... Writing a novel that inspires thousands (or million?) people. A novel that gives hope to the people, changes them to be a better person. A novel that comprises the values of life, the struggling of human being... an enjoyable novel so that people who read blend in its story, shed the tears or laugh...

That's my most ideal job.

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Déjà vu, A Glimpse of Eternity

Déjà vu comes from French word, which literally means "already seen". It is a feeling or a sense that a new situation has already happened in the past... It's a brand new situation for you, but you feel that you've experienced that situation before... You recognize the place, the people, the environment and somehow you know what's going to happen next... But it's probably limitted only 1-2 minutes ahead or perhaps it's just a sense without having the idea what's going to happen next.

That's déjà vu, and I bet it's not a new phenomenon for you (or you might have experienced it). As for me, I have experienced Déjà vu many times... And when I tried to figure out when did I experience it before, I have no idea... because simply it is truly a new experience.

How do the déjà vu happen? (Scientifically speaking, it's been a serious subject in pyschology and neurophysiological research... and, honestly, I don't really that interest in this déjà vu pyscology explaination).

As for me, déjà vu is a snapshot of the eternity, a glimpse of eternity. It's not an imagination, but it's realllyyy something that we HAVE seen (been experiencing) before. When? Looong before we're born on earth, in a spirit-form (merge with The HOLY-ONE), we've seen all the posibilities of our earthly live (Ref Jer 1:5)... Among all the posibilities, there's only one posibility that is the best one, the purpose that we shall fullfil (and it's clearly explained by Joel Osteen in his best seller book entitled, "Your best life now").

Then, in a certain period called "time", the spirit of the HOLY-ONE splashes on a flesh-form. That's the time when we're "checking-in" on the earth, bringing all of the memory of eternity (Ref Ecc3:11). Now, in our short-3D-earth-flesh-form - which is driven by spirit -, once a while, somehow, the déjà vu impression appears like a flash. Simply because the spirit inside our flesh has been experiencing (seen) ALL moments of our short-earthly-live. That glimpse/snapshot is then captured by our mind, making a sense of déjà vu... (anyway, someday we're going to "checking-out" from the earth and go back to the HOLY-ONE, taking fully responsibility of what we've done here on earth)

This déjà vu phenomenon is aplicable in our daily life. When a woman met a man for the first time, she (or he) can sense that she (or he) will spend the rest of their life together. And they do! They're finally become a husband and wife! Where did the sense come from? It was one of the possibility they see looonggg before they're born. That sense is a glimpse of eternity.

For a logical-thinker, this déjà vu phenomenon won't make any sense at all. They don't let their mind capturing the glimpse of eternity. They reject it, they don't even think about it. Sooner, their mind becomes dull and never captures anything from the spirit.

So, our spirit is bringing message from eternity. It has the answer of all struggling we have and the best future we can achieve. How do we access it? Simply by making the spirit-being is stronger than the flesh-being. How to make spirit-being stronger? Having intimacy with God through praying, fasting, and daily-meditating HIS Word. That's how.

* This posting is dedicated to a friend of mine, a-very-few-likeable-girl that influences me by her smart-and-brave-personality.

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010


Kita hidup di dunia 3 dimensi. Setiap benda yang dapat kita pegang, pasti punya dimensi panjang, dimensi lebar dan dimensi tinggi. Kalo ada benda yang nggak 3 dimensi, pasti nggak bisa dipegang alias cuman bisa diliat doang, kayak gambar di foto ato film di bioskop. Gambarnya jelas cuman bisa dipandang dan kita gak bisa pegang2 pemain filmnya (walopun pengen, hihi2...).

What's this all about?

Saya (dulu) suka maen puzzle dari yang 250pcs, 500pcs sampe 1000pcs (tapi sekarang udah nggak pernah maen). Saya membayangkan (mari kita berandai2), seandainya gambar di dalam puzzle itu hidup, mereka bisa bergerak sepanjang sumbu x dan sumbu y, bisa saling berbicara, kira2 apa ya yang mereka bicarakan? Yang pasti, mereka nggak akan tau bahwa diri mereka ada dalam sebuah frame. Ketika mereka saling ketemu dengan temannya, mereka juga nggak akan merasa aneh, karena temannya juga sama2 punya 2 dimensi. Yang menarik, mereka nggak akan pernah bisa liat diri mereka dari sudut pandang dimensi ke-3, yaitu tinggi. Sementara kalo manusia yang ngeliat, pasti gambarannya jadi lebih jelas dan lengkap karena ngeliatnya dari atas (bayangkan puzzlenya ada di lantai dan kita liat dari ketinggian 1 meter). Kebayang nggak?

Karena manusia punya dimensi ke-3, yaitu tinggi, yang mana makhluk2 di puzzle itu nggak punya, maka manusia pasti bisa melihat segala sesuatu yang terjadi pada makhluk 2 dimensi itu dengan lebih jelas. Kalo makhluk2 itu pengen ngeliat diri mereka dengan lebih jelas, ya mereka harus kita tambah 1 dimensi lagi, yaitu tinggi sehingga mereka bisa diangkat untuk ngeliat secara utuh dunia 2 dimensi mereka. Selama mereka nggak punya dimensi tinggi, sampe kapanpun, mereka nggak akan bisa liat diri mereka secara utuh. Lucu ya?

Tapi, let me tell you that this is VERRRYY important principle living as human being. Walopun kita udah punya 3 dimensi, tapi sbenernya nasib kita nggak jauh2 amat dibandingkan makhluk 2 dimensi tadi. Kita tetaplah terbentur dengan hanya 3 dimensi. Kita nggak bisa ngeliat gambaran hidup dengan jelas, sejak lahir sampai mati... Taunya ya apa yang sudah dialami, tapi ke depan seperti apa, pasti semua nggak bisa keliatan (paling banter cuman prediksi ato perkiraan)...

Nah, mari kita berandai2 lagi... Seandainya saat ini, kita bisa "naik" dan punya 1 dimensi lagi (kayak makhluk 2 dimensi yang dikasi satu dimensi lagi, yaitu tinggi), maka kita akan dapat suatu gambaran yang lebih jelas apa yang terjadi di sepanjang time-line hidup kita. Asyik ya? Kita bisa ngeliat dari kejadian kelahiran kita sampe mati (walopun saat ini kita blom mati). Kebayang ya? Jadi, misalnya kita lagi bingung, "siapa sih yang nanti akan jadi istriku?" ato pertanyaan, "gimana ya hidupku ke depannya?" ato yang lebih seru pertanyaan, "bagaimana aku meninggal?", gampang... kita tinggal "naik" untuk melihat timeline hidup kita dan mengamati sampai puas... (Emm... sebenarnya sih, kurang cocok kalo disebut timeline, tapi lebih tepat kalo disebut timesquare... kalo line kesannya cuman satu arah, tapi kalo square, garisnya bisa lari ke mana-mana, bergantung dari keputusan yang diambil).

Nah, kalo kita punya akses di dimensi ini, maka kita akan tau keputusan yang paling tepat apa untuk kita bisa menuju ke target tertentu. Misalnya gini, "saya pingin tau apakah nanti saya dapet full scholarship di Jepang", gampang... saya akan "naik" untuk melihat titik di mana saya kuliah di Jepang dengan full scholarship (tentu bisa saya liat semua skenario yang bisa terjadi, karena saya punya tambahan dimensi yang memungkinkan untuk itu) , nah dari "atas" itu, saya akan tarik mundur untuk melacak keputusan2 apa saja yang dapat mengakibatkan saya kuliah di Jepang... Kalo udah, ya "turun" lagi, and then decide whatever neccessary to make it happens. Seru kan? Nah, itu namanya dimensi ke-4!

Masalahnya, jelas kita nggak bisa "naik" ke dimensi ke-4 dan melihat timesquare (seluruh kemungkinan skenario hidup kita). Kita tetep aja makhluk 3 dimensi yang nggak punya akses untuk bisa ngeliat masa depan dengan jelas...

I'll tell you little secret... I know "someone" who has access to that dimension. Ya, "he" could see all of our scenario from "above" in a more clear way than we see... You want to know "him"? You want to ask "him" what's going to happen in your life? Okay, meet GOD. : )

Of course, we can decide anything, we can walk in our own way, we can do whatever we want to do without even think or ask HIM. Why bother? Em... Buat saya, karena DIA yang bisa liat semua timesquare tadi, ya... kalo saya pengen sesuatu (ato bingung mutuskan sesuatu), definitely saya akan minta (ato at least tanya, boleh nggak) ke DIA... dan melalui dimensi-NYA, HE will direct our path through HIS Words (nggak audible emang, karena berada dalam dimensi yang berbeda)... That's why King David said "Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." So, it's very important for us to ask HIM whatever we want to pursue... If HE approves it, HE's going to light up the path so that we can see and walk through that path and finally reach whatever we ask before (on HIS approval)... But, when the light is on, in the end, we're the only one who decides either we step out, or stay...

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010


Term "Anti-marketing" mengacu pada suatu teknik marketing yang nyeleneh, nggak lasim, nggak normal, dan sama sekali nggak punya dasar teori marketing, tapi sukses!

Kemarin, waktu makan siang, Mbak Putu cerita ada nasi pecel di Surabaya (Jl. Pandegiling). Kalo denger ceritanya (ato menurut teori marketing), seharusnya pecel ini nggak laris2 banget, selain harganya yang mahal (1 bungkus-nya sama dengan 4 bungkus harga nasi pecel di Malang), rasanya pedas-nya juga di luar batas kewajaran. Tapi nyatanya pecel ini laris setengah mati.

Saya jadi inget Depot Mie "XX" di depan Jl. C*. Tempatnya sempit (cuman ada 3 meja dan tiap meja muat 4 orang), harganya juga considered as expensive untuk ukuran Mie Ayam, ditambah lagi yang jual jauh dari kesan ramah... Lama waktu memesan akan berbanding lurus dengan ketidak-ramahan si penjual. Semakin lama waktu untuk memesan, maka tingkat ketidakramahan juga bertambah. Intinya, "cepat pesan, jangan merepotkan, kalo nggak mau pesan, pulang aja!" - setelah selesai makan, jangan harap bisa berleha2, ngobrol2 santai sambil ketawa-ketiwi... Sebaiknya langsung bayar dan cepat pulang sebelum diusir secara (tidak) halus. Customer satisfactory jelas bukan tujuannya... Berinvestasi tempat apalagi. Tapi Depot Mie ini, dari buka di pagi hari sampe tutup di siang hari, selalu dipenuhi pengunjung.

Warung nasi "Bu Jenggot" di Jl. Kawi juga sama. Hanya ada 3 jenis menu makanan dan 3 jenis minuman (panas - nggak ada es!). Tempat makannya jangan dibayangkan di gedung ber-AC, ato cozzy place yang diiringi lagu yang romantis. Jauh dari itu... Dengan bangunan tripleks 3x3, tinggi 2 meter, lantai semen dan kursi kayu panjang (plus jam buka yang tidak menentu), warung ini bisa dipenuhi (dan diantri) oleh orang2 yang berduit (kalo nggak punya duit ya jelas nggak bisa makan) dan rela menunggu untuk mulai antri sejak warung belum dibuka. Dengan bangunan seperti itu, makan di dalam sama sekali nggak nyaman, asap nasi, asap dari masakan dan minuman yang mengepul jadi satu menimbulkan kesan sumpek dan panas - siapa mau makan di tempat seperti itu. Tapi nyatanya, warung ini laris, laris dan laris... Aneh!

I'm not really sure, but that might called "Anti Marketing". Definitely, kamu pasti bisa menyebutkan berbagai anomali semacam itu.

So, let me introduce a new term called, "anti-friending" - dari kata "anti" dan "friend". Ini adalah jenis teman yang nyeleneh dan nggak memperhatikan kaidah-kaidah pertemanan. Dia bisa berkata dengan kasar ke seseorang dengan gampangnya. Ngomong-nya "as nice as his belly" (se-enak udelnya) tentang orang lain - dengan cara khas-nya, dia berani kritik dan mencoreng-moreng muka orang lain di depan publik... Tapi, sama seperti Pecel Pandegiling, Depot Mie "XX" dan Warung nasi "Bu Jenggot", dia bisa menjadi populer, dipercaya, disukai dan... some people, respect him very much. Anti-friending.

Allow me to explain the anomaly. Depot Mie "XX" keliatannya nggak memperhatikan customer satisfaction, nggak peduli dengan tempatnya yang sempit dan berkapasitas kecil, penjualnya juga nggak menunjukkan keramahan kepada para customernya. Tapi, di balik itu semua, let me tell you, si penjual menyediakan mie terbaik, racikan bumbu terbaik, kombinasi saus+sambal+acar+lombok dengan komposisi yang tepat. She's a pro! Si penjual tau persis kualitas mie seperti apa yang diinginkan oleh pembeli setelah (mungkin) riset bertahun2. Ketidakramahan yang ditunjukkan, simply membuat para pembeli hanya ingin menikmati mie-nya - lalu secepat mungkin meninggalkan tempat - sehingga lebih banyak lagi pelanggan yang bisa dilayani (dan dipuaskan)... and you still wonder why that Depot Mie "XX" has more and more customer?

So is Warung Nasi "Bu Jenggot". Menu makanan yang disajikan (yang hanya 3 macam itu), membuat suatu ciri khas yang simply the best untuk jenis makanan tersebut. Fokus pada jenis makanan tersebut membuat dia sangat mengerti bagaimana mengolah daging, mengolah tempe, tahu, sambel goreng, atau membuat sambal untuk soto dan rawon. Situasi tempat yang sempit (dan terkesan sumpek), ternyata menimbulkan orgasme tersendiri bagi yang telah selesai makan. Berkeringat, lega dan puas (yang tidak pernah bisa didapatkan pada suasana ruangan ber-AC). That's it! She provides the best food with her style, and you still wonder why that Warung is so crowd?

"Anti-friend" is more less the same. Kritisi yang diberikan, kata-kata menusuk yang "as nice as his belly" di depan publik, yang mencoreng moreng muka si "victim" sebenarnya hanya nampak di luar saja. Di balik itu semua, ada filosofi tulus untuk membuat situasi menjadi lebih baik - dan membuat si "victim" menjadi berkembang lebih dewasa. Trust me, mengatasi "Anti-friend" dengan emosi hanya memperkeruh suasana (sama seperti komplain ke penjual Mie "XX", hanya akan membuat kita kehilangan kesempatan menikmati the best Mie in town).

We must see faaaaarrr beyond that, see the sincerity behind his "anti-friending" action... It's beautiful... dan nggak semua orang berani (dan bisa) melakukan itu. The risk is way too big! If people don't understand, he takes high risk to be their enemy.

And, really... I couldn't resist myself not to respect those people and simply thank you to those people. You're the man!

Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Story of Roller Coaster

Do you know roller coaster? Have you ever tried it before?

I've tried it before, the short one... Perhaps only 500m length in track... I notice that people loves riding roller coaster. It's probably because of its unpredictable speed and track. Sometime, it goes straight and all of sudden makes a sharp curve with high speed. Sometimes it goes slow and all of sudden the rail twist to turns the rider briefly upside down. Yet, people loves to ride roller coaster.

Well, my life is NOT like roller coaster. It's more like riding a-flat-rail-train. No sharp curve, no vertical loops, no upside-down turning, no low-speed and turn to high-speed in one second. Everything's just fine. The journey of my life has always been good (or great?) so far. I have a great family (only my mom left in our family... tell me, what could have been easier staying with one mom only in one house?), I have excellent job and carreer (I do love writing and teaching, and they pay me big bucks for that job... even if they don't pay me, I still love to do it), I have good education (got my Master degree in the right time and have pretty good chance to continue study overseas with full scholarship), I have excellent fiancee-and-wife-gonna-be (love God, skillful, creative, likeable, great helper, pretty... what else you can expect from a woman?). The list goes on and on...

I thank God for that kind of life! It's trully a great blessing.

But, honestly it's like riding a-flat-rail-train... You pay the ticket for certain destination, sit on your seat, relax, the train will move, wait for some time while you can enjoy the snack... and within couple hours, there you are, safely arrive to your destination. The train is not designed to make people screaming because of the high speed, it's not designed to make people scared because of the vertical loops, it's not designed to pump the adrenalin-hormone because of the bend in the track... The train is designed as comfort as possible... and the excitment is lessss faaaarrrr from roller coaster.

So, one day I met this "Young-Amazing-Nice-Girl" (Yang). Then something popped in my mind that actually I have a chance to change my flat-rail-train-life into a roller-coaster. Stopped by at the nearest station, leaving all those-nice-comfortable-life I have... And pay the ticket to ride the roller coaster. I'm really tempted to do that... Starting a brand-new-life that nobody has never thought of, moving and living in a big city overseas (like Tokyo, NY or DC), facing new challenges without any network, surviving with all skill and knowledge I've learned... That's roller-coaster-live all about.

The big question will be: "Is someone gonna stand in my back and give her true love to support me?" It's really tough to do it alone.

Really tough.

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