Rabu, 23 Juli 2008


She was 50 when I was born and I'm 30 when she died. Remember my early kid, when my parents were working so hard from day till evening. At that time, she was like my nanny, she took care of me, fed me, protected me with her love, she was truly my world during my early age. She told lot legendary chinesse stories before I sleep (she's a good story teller, though). She also care about education. She taught me, and my sisters as well, how to spell "A-Be-Ce-De..." during my preschool, how to say "ma-mi, pa-pi, cik-de, cik-nga.", how to read, how to write, and how to count.

If I can do coding computer program using very complex algorithms and implemented it in programming language, developing sophisticated application, do count differential and integral today, she's definitely the one who laid the foundation of basic math and language on me...

Not to mention the moral values I've learn from her. She occupied big portion in my childhood... and I'll be completely different person if I never know her.

I notice her as a very precise and organized person. She always remembers where puts things. Even in his old age, she puts all her stuffs in very orderly way and make sure everything is in its place. Neat, tidy, careful was truly her DNA (I think I only got half of it). She's very compassion, tender, lovely... As far as I remember, she never scold me.

In her last days, she still remembered that I'm studying to get master degree, many times she asked me whether I've already got master degree or not and then told me to find a wife soon after I finished my study (I will) - actually it was her last message to me.

Since 2007, she couldn't wake up. Totally rest in bed. My mom took care of her. I usualy went to see her after work at 9pm or 10pm, give her milk or other kind of beverage. For the last one month, she couldn't speak and getting worse.

Last Friday she's totally unconscious, comatose and not responding at all. We know that the time is coming. But she's waiting for someone. She's struggle very hard, try to keep breathing, keep on keeping on to be alive, force herself to breath in, breathe out... She's waiting for this woman.

She's already waiting for years her oldest daughter - her lovely one. Although she's totally unconscious, we can sense that she didn't want to go before her oldest daughter come to see her... She made it, she made force herself to wait till Sunday. Sunday, at 12, after hours struggling and dying, her oldest daughter came to her, cried before her and sorry for all the mistake she's done, sorry that she never see and couldn't take care of her in her old age...

An hours later after her oldest daughter came, she's gone. She's leaving all of us... What a GREAT TRUE LOVE of a mother... and I couldn't stand not to cry seeing how she struggling, dying, suffering, trying hard to keep alive just to wait for her oldest daughter to come.

Grandma... I'm proud to be your grandson, we do love you.

Rest in peace.

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