Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quantum Leap - Offering Preaching

Inspired from this Quantum Leap Posting by Pak Patris, I felt like having my own Quantum Leap on last Saturday Evening.

... and there he goes, stands in a luxurious well-decorated stage before the church musical drama "Gembel Jadi Pangeran" start. His job is to preach what-so-called "Offering Preaching" - a short preaching before offering time... It was easy thou actually, very easy for him if done in front of 10-15 youths - like he usually does in cell group. But this time, 500 people are coming to see the musical drama, 1000 eyes will stare at him and 1000 ears will listen to what he said. And... one more fact, preaching in front of hundreds people is realyyyy reallyyy not his natural ability...

So, when I was standing at the pulpit, in front of those foreigners to preach, I felt like having my Quantum Leap. Yesterday, I was Windra, an IT lecturer that usually lecturing 40-50 young college students. In a very short time, I change and leap in into this character. A character that must complete its mission: "do offering-preaching in front of 500 foreigners".

Well then, I accomplished the mission... But I know it wasn't my best. If Simon Cowell, one of the American Idols judges, was there, definitely he will say, "That was so forgettable-performance, Win. People will going home without even remember what you talking." Then with his strong british English, he'll continue, "You're not qualified to be in that glotious stage, Win. Go back and teach small class, you're lucky enough if your student know what you talking about..." Then the audience will "booo" him.

Well, whatever Simon said, I've set new record for my own, speaking in front of 500 foreigners - something that I've never done before. But, that's not the point. The point is that you'll surprise if you knew me 10 years ago.

A very sarcastic and selfish boy, solitaire and living in his own world, doesn't really care to people. Yet, deep inside his heart, he felt inferior, felt nothing but ordinary un-important and not-so-likable boy. He couldn't even speak clearly to other people, 5 words is enough to answer a very long question. In his 22, he found and encounter God's true love through Jesus and his life never be the same again. He started to speak and preach confidently in front of 10 people, 20 people, 50 people, 100 people, 200 people and yesterday 500 people. He's no longer feel inferior. He found his vision and destiny. God is not finish dealing with him, many great things are prepared and waiting to be done. That Saturday evening, definitely is one of God's preparation for him.

God... you always "wow" me with Your surprises.

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