Sunday, January 3, 2010

Story of Roller Coaster

Do you know roller coaster? Have you ever tried it before?

I've tried it before, the short one... Perhaps only 500m length in track... I notice that people loves riding roller coaster. It's probably because of its unpredictable speed and track. Sometime, it goes straight and all of sudden makes a sharp curve with high speed. Sometimes it goes slow and all of sudden the rail twist to turns the rider briefly upside down. Yet, people loves to ride roller coaster.

Well, my life is NOT like roller coaster. It's more like riding a-flat-rail-train. No sharp curve, no vertical loops, no upside-down turning, no low-speed and turn to high-speed in one second. Everything's just fine. The journey of my life has always been good (or great?) so far. I have a great family (only my mom left in our family... tell me, what could have been easier staying with one mom only in one house?), I have excellent job and carreer (I do love writing and teaching, and they pay me big bucks for that job... even if they don't pay me, I still love to do it), I have good education (got my Master degree in the right time and have pretty good chance to continue study overseas with full scholarship), I have excellent fiancee-and-wife-gonna-be (love God, skillful, creative, likeable, great helper, pretty... what else you can expect from a woman?). The list goes on and on...

I thank God for that kind of life! It's trully a great blessing.

But, honestly it's like riding a-flat-rail-train... You pay the ticket for certain destination, sit on your seat, relax, the train will move, wait for some time while you can enjoy the snack... and within couple hours, there you are, safely arrive to your destination. The train is not designed to make people screaming because of the high speed, it's not designed to make people scared because of the vertical loops, it's not designed to pump the adrenalin-hormone because of the bend in the track... The train is designed as comfort as possible... and the excitment is lessss faaaarrrr from roller coaster.

So, one day I met this "Young-Amazing-Nice-Girl" (Yang). Then something popped in my mind that actually I have a chance to change my flat-rail-train-life into a roller-coaster. Stopped by at the nearest station, leaving all those-nice-comfortable-life I have... And pay the ticket to ride the roller coaster. I'm really tempted to do that... Starting a brand-new-life that nobody has never thought of, moving and living in a big city overseas (like Tokyo, NY or DC), facing new challenges without any network, surviving with all skill and knowledge I've learned... That's roller-coaster-live all about.

The big question will be: "Is someone gonna stand in my back and give her true love to support me?" It's really tough to do it alone.

Really tough.

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