Thursday, January 14, 2010

Déjà vu, A Glimpse of Eternity

Déjà vu comes from French word, which literally means "already seen". It is a feeling or a sense that a new situation has already happened in the past... It's a brand new situation for you, but you feel that you've experienced that situation before... You recognize the place, the people, the environment and somehow you know what's going to happen next... But it's probably limitted only 1-2 minutes ahead or perhaps it's just a sense without having the idea what's going to happen next.

That's déjà vu, and I bet it's not a new phenomenon for you (or you might have experienced it). As for me, I have experienced Déjà vu many times... And when I tried to figure out when did I experience it before, I have no idea... because simply it is truly a new experience.

How do the déjà vu happen? (Scientifically speaking, it's been a serious subject in pyschology and neurophysiological research... and, honestly, I don't really that interest in this déjà vu pyscology explaination).

As for me, déjà vu is a snapshot of the eternity, a glimpse of eternity. It's not an imagination, but it's realllyyy something that we HAVE seen (been experiencing) before. When? Looong before we're born on earth, in a spirit-form (merge with The HOLY-ONE), we've seen all the posibilities of our earthly live (Ref Jer 1:5)... Among all the posibilities, there's only one posibility that is the best one, the purpose that we shall fullfil (and it's clearly explained by Joel Osteen in his best seller book entitled, "Your best life now").

Then, in a certain period called "time", the spirit of the HOLY-ONE splashes on a flesh-form. That's the time when we're "checking-in" on the earth, bringing all of the memory of eternity (Ref Ecc3:11). Now, in our short-3D-earth-flesh-form - which is driven by spirit -, once a while, somehow, the déjà vu impression appears like a flash. Simply because the spirit inside our flesh has been experiencing (seen) ALL moments of our short-earthly-live. That glimpse/snapshot is then captured by our mind, making a sense of déjà vu... (anyway, someday we're going to "checking-out" from the earth and go back to the HOLY-ONE, taking fully responsibility of what we've done here on earth)

This déjà vu phenomenon is aplicable in our daily life. When a woman met a man for the first time, she (or he) can sense that she (or he) will spend the rest of their life together. And they do! They're finally become a husband and wife! Where did the sense come from? It was one of the possibility they see looonggg before they're born. That sense is a glimpse of eternity.

For a logical-thinker, this déjà vu phenomenon won't make any sense at all. They don't let their mind capturing the glimpse of eternity. They reject it, they don't even think about it. Sooner, their mind becomes dull and never captures anything from the spirit.

So, our spirit is bringing message from eternity. It has the answer of all struggling we have and the best future we can achieve. How do we access it? Simply by making the spirit-being is stronger than the flesh-being. How to make spirit-being stronger? Having intimacy with God through praying, fasting, and daily-meditating HIS Word. That's how.

* This posting is dedicated to a friend of mine, a-very-few-likeable-girl that influences me by her smart-and-brave-personality.

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