Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who are you looking for, Win?

Who are you looking for, Win?

In term of soulmate, I've asked that question for the last 4 years... yet still no answer.

Last month, I thought I've found someone. She's gorgeous, nice, so talented, has a very beautiful heart, and most important, she loves God wholeheartedly. Then, I started to wonder whether she's the one. I tried to know her inside out, getting closer with her, spent time with her and friends. It's been good... really good tough, till last week.

I lost the passion. Completely lost. I don't know what happen, but somehow, it's just lost somewhere. It happens many times. One moment I have that passion, but then the very next moment, it's lost...

Who are you looking for, Win?

I started to ask, why it's easy for me to have the love passion to someone and all of a sudden losing it in a very short time. May be... all those passion are actually temporary passion after all. It exists in some season and when the season is gone, the passion also gone.

But, deep inside my heart, there's someone I love. She's so special for me. I've known her for years, and yet I still have that passion. The passion I have for her now, is exactly the same when I first met her. Is it true love or temporary? I don't know.

But the problem is, I really don't have the courage to tell her...

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