Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've decided...

"Hi Wind... So, how's your ADS Application?" (frequently asked question of this month)

"Emm... Unfortunately, I failed." (the word "unfortunately" can be replaced with "fortunately" in the coming months or years... no doubt about that. but for now allow me to put the word "unfortunately" as the most suitable word).

"Oh... So bad..." (thanks for your sincerity and pray, guys... I do appreciate that)

"That's fine lah..." (I answered and still curious why they reject my application. I've put a lot of efforts in it, I have 3 reference letters from the Ph.Ds, I already have supervisor for my proposed research from Curtin UT, I got TOEFL score..., never mind. Beside, I was applying for Master Degree... I'd beter apply for the Ph.D next year)

"Oh, ya... By the way Wind, you got girl friend already?" (Hmm... it sounds very familiar question... Let me think... oh ya I it's My mum fave question!)

"I want to... But, it's difficult to find one lah... Hei, you do know about that, rite?"

"Ya, Wind. But let me tell you something. Sooner or later you're gonna marry someone, aren't you?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then you're gonna face the same conflicts in marriage just like other couples. The problems won't be easier even if you postpone your marriage. They'll be there and stay the same."

"Okay, what's your point?"

"Then you'd better get married soon, young man! The sooner, the better... You'll have longer time to learn and deal with that all those problem! Why postpone, ah?"

"Errr...." [Okay, he's right.. Completely right]

"Errr... what? I don't see any good reason why you postpone your marriage. You've got all what_girl_want. You wait for nothing!"

[Geee... once again, he's right] "But... but... I enjoy being single. I can go anywhere I want, I can have anything I want, I can go with whoever..."

"Let me tell you something... It sounds cliche, but it's true... There's a season for everything... Your season for freedom is running out, and now it's the time for you to prepare for a new season. That new season called "marriage"."

"But... It's one time season, rite? The moment I entered that season, there's no way back, rite?"

"Hei, you got the point! And let me add something, doesn't that your Bible teach 'It's not good for a man alone, I'll make a companion for him'."


"If God says not good then it means not good. You teach Bible Study, you know that, don't you?"

"Yaaa... yaa... I know that..."

"Then you go decide which one, make commitment and get married soon..."

"I'll think about it..."

"NO! Don't say "I'll". You got to decide now... You have lot of girl friends to be considered, rite? Tell me, which one you like most?"

"It's ****"

"Then you go for her... Tell her, that you've decided and choose her... Ask her if she's willing to be your mate."

"Hah? Maid? You kidding me?"


[Never ending conversation, but I've made a decision...]

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