Thursday, February 26, 2009

[My Doctorate Journey] One Step Closer To Japan

Today, Feb 25th will be one of the most important dates in my journey of pursuing Ph. D. Today, I officially have a professor that willing to supervise my research topic. Yippi...!

Here is the acceptance letter:

Yes, it's in Chiba University, Japan. Ok, you might misunderstand about the letter... It does not mean I get the scholarship already and going to Japan next month. No! But having a professor for my research is a giant leap on my doctorate journey. This letter will be used to register at Chiba University as a post-graduate student.

I put a lot efforts to have this-only-one-page-letter alone. It's not just dropped from heaven to my mailbox, it's not just one or two days correspondence with someone-somewhere in the internet, it's not just browsing at google and all of sudden got this letter. No!

It takes months. I read lot journals, books, and dissertations before finally I came out with only-three-pages-resesarch-proposal to be sent.

Next step will be finding out about Chiba University registration procedure to have Letter of Acceptance as post-graduate student, then apply for dikti scholarship on March or April 2009.

It's a long journey. Let's see what happen next.

[Meanwhile, I'll keep going on preparation for iBT TOEFL on March 14th... Wah, life IS very exciting when you do have hope!]

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