Thursday, June 4, 2009

Compassionate, Loving and Caring

For years, I've doubted if there's someone that has those 3 characters naturally. I, myself, must struggle very hard to guard my heart, control myself when tempted to gossiping or saying something bad about other people, I must discipline myself to sincerely help other people even if they gives no benefit for me. Why? Ya, simply because those characters are not my nature. That's why I must discipline myself.

For most of us, loving someone is easy when s/he gives benefit for us. Caring for other people looks fun when those people are our (future) client (that most probably give future benefit for us). Or when we care about other people, if we really ask our heart, may be we'll find that actually we seek praise for ourself. We easily love and care to other people if we think that what we do for them is worth and we know that we will have greater benefit from it. I called it: "unsincerity".

I almost believe that only angel that can love and help sincerely... unfortunately angels are not real, I mean, they help and they go, out of reach... there's no way I can make any continous contact... Until I meet her.

This girl is incredibly loving and caring girl. She might not know about the theory of love, philosophy of love, 5 love language by Dr. Gary Chapman or graduate from seminary, theology or Bible School. But the way she loves and cares to other people are truly, I mean, TRULY sincere.

She knows when to help other people. Despite her relatively-low-salary, she gives her money away just to give to the needy-people... She does not care whether she will get the benefit or no, she just does it anyway. Sincere, from her heart.

She might not know about literature, flowery poetry, love words, but she easily shows deep emphaty and say nice-comforting-words in the right time. Sincere, from her heart... not artificial... and she does all that without even think, she does it naturally. She loves and cares naturally. She seems born as a compassionate, loving and caring girl. And the good news, last time I saw her, she was human being, can be easily contacted by phone or sms and the most important, she stays in small-peaceful-city, called Malang (later on I don't really care if she were angel-in-disguise).

So, I met this angel, eh this girl, 2 years ago... And I can't stop myself not to admire her... She's beautifully-inside-out, naturally. For the last 6 months, I have had a privelege to get closer with her. Her sincerity simply melt my heart and... I'm proudly introduce her in this blog as An-Angel-That-Melt-My-Heart (AATMMH).

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