Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sermon on the 2nd Floor (Part 1: The Beatitudes)

In the book of Mathew, chapter 5, there's a very famous and powerful exposition that Jesus ever preach. It called "Sermon on the mount" (Kothbah di Bukit). This "Sermon On the Mount" starts with "The Beatitude" (Ucapan/Sabda Bahagia). There are 8 beatitudes that every believer should live in their daily life, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted", "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." and so on. But, anyway, I'm not gonna teach about this "Sermon on the mount".

I have my own Sermon. This is probably the most and powerful academic sermon I've ever preached in my career history as an IT lecturer. Since my room at 2nd floor of B* P* Building, I call it "Sermon on the 2nd Floor".

Let's start with the first series, called "The Beatitudes" (Sabda Bahagia).

  1. And seeing the multitudes reading this blog, I went up to my office: and when I was set, I start to type.
  2. Blessed are the pure in heart during the work, for they shall obtain promotion.
  3. Blessed are the Professors and Ph. D/DR, for they shall appreciated with high salary.
  4. Blessed are those who hold JAFA (Jabatan Fungsional Akademik/Functional Acknowledgment as a lecturer from the Department of National Education), for they shall teach in peace.
  5. Blessed are those which do hunger and thirst after the truth, for they shall receive block grant through their research.
  6. Blessed are those hold Structural position (Jabatan Struktural), for they shall find many problems and challanges.
  7. Blessed are the workaholics and productive lecturers, for they shall be praised.
  8. Blessed are the diligent, merciful, cheerful and joyful, for they shall become popular and nominated as Lecturer of the year.
  9. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for they shall quit and find another good University.
  10. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for you shall receive help from many friends.
So, colleagues, if you want to quote this verse, you may say, "According to Sermon on the 2nd Floor by Windra, Posting #155, verse 3, it said that Blessed are the ..."

Hehe2... and someday this "Sermon on the 2nd Floor" will become popular around the world and be preached from university to university. This sermon will be a standard for lecturer attitude. It starts from this small university.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Seed of Greatness

I've just finished watching "August Rush" movie couple minutes ago. It really indeed a good movie, one of the best movie I've ever watched. (Thanks to Ivonne Sabrina who put this movie in her favourite movies list). If you DO love music, I strongly recommend you to watch the movie. I guarantee that it'll inspire you more... Even for me, a guy with no (or very little) music talent, it's still sooo inspiring.

I'm not going to review the movie actually (you'd better watch by yourself). But, after watching this movie, I can't stop thinking that all of us has a seed of greatness in certain area. Either area of leadership, entertainment, science, linguistic, music, writing or whatever human being have been developing since the starting of mankind's civllitation. All of us has it! God never creates junk! Whether you realize it or not, as long as you're breathing in the same earth, living in the same sun, sleeping under the same moon, each of us has and living with the seed of greatness inside us. It always starts with a seed, no more and no less.

Some of us realize their greatness in a very young age, some in their youth, some in their adult, and many never realize at all for the rest of their live. So sad... But once we realize our seed of greatness, we have our own choice to either grow it up or just ignore that seed. In the final analysis, it's always about choice.

I've decided to grow it up. This is probably a bit shocking... But, recently I realized the seed of greatness inside me trough my name. Ya, through my name, Windra Swastika. I never know how and why did my dad give me that name. I don't even know what's the meaning. There were time, that I was a bit shame when introduce or saying my name to new people, simply because it's a uncommon name. But, recently... I sense the greatness of "Windra Swastika" name. I've seen through my eyes of faith, that someday, some years from now, that name will be known as a person that give positive impact to the world, either it's in education, IT, or as a best selling book author. What I'm doing now, is making that seed grows well, fruitful and multiply in its season.

I don't know about you... But, lately I've found very importance lesson in live. Whatever we think, whatever ever we say, whatever we do, each time we breath, it's either we grow the seed or we abandon that seed. If you already know that you have seed of greatness, and then you wasting your time by playing around, busy gosipping and talk nonsense to others, never force yourself to exercise or learn, then it will always remains as a seed, no more and no less. And finally, you die with that little small unfruitful seed inside you.

Trust me, every minute counts.

Hmmm... I just realize that the story (and history) of mankind is always about growing the greatness inside them, right?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kacamata romance

Kalo saya ngeliat mahasiswa saya lagi pacaran, saya itu sering bertanya2 dalam hati... "Kacamata apa ya yang dipake si cowok untuk ngeliat si cewek?" tapi yang sering bikin saya miris itu adalah Kacamata yang dipake si cewek untuk ngeliat pacarnya.

Cewek2 itu masih umur 18 ato 19. Hormon estrogen mreka baru aja diproduksi 5-6 taonan lalu, which is gara2 estrogen itu jadi ada bagian2 dari tubuh mereka yang berubah, you-know-what-are-they. While they're in puberty, pikiran dipengaruhi ma buku2 ato film2 romance ala City of Angels, West Side Story, 50 First Date, You've Got Mail, Pearl Harbor, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, P.S. I Love U, Made of Honor dan lain2nya. Blom lagi lirik2 lagu kayak Michael Buble (baca: Bu-ble) yang dengan lihainya bisa menimbulkan nuansa romance kalo didengerin, apalagi ndengerin Everything-nya Michael Buble berdua, di cafe ato candle light dinner...

Jadi, dominasi romance ini bener2 melekat. Kalo ada cowok yang bisa punya romance kyk yg ada film2 itu, that'll definitely attract the girls. Si cewek yang pikirannya msi di-dominasi romance ini nggak akan kuat menolak.

Pertanyaannya, bahaya nggak pacaran karena romance?

Bahaya nek! Dominasi romance ini akan ilang 4-6 yrs later, ketika mereka ngeliat dunia yang sesungguhnya, ketika mereka mulai mikir jaoh. Pas usia 18 ato 19 taon, para cewek would rather cowok yang fun dan bisa diajaki jalan2 rather than cowok yang suka kerja/rajin blajar, para cewek would rather cowok yang good looking, yang populer ketimbang cowok yang pinter ato serius.

All of a sudden, ktika udah usia 22 ato 23 setelah lulus kuliah, para cewek akan mulai mikir... Buat apa cowok yang fun klo dia nggak isa kerja? Buat apa cowok yg good looking kl dia nggak setia ato suka te-pe2 ke cewek laen? Buat apa cowok yang populer kl dia gagal di studinya? Kacamata romance yang dulu diagung2kan udah mulai dilepas dan ngeliat dunia sebenernya.

Welcome to the real world lady.

Tapi, yang menyedihkan adalah most of them udah pacaran sejak mereka usia 18 taon, masa2 ketika romance mendominasi pikiran si cewek. Dan sekarang si cewek berusia 23 taon, udah lulus kuliah, ingin berkarir, mulai bekerja. Romance udah nggak begitu penting lagi kyk 4-5 taon yg lalu... yang lebih dibutuhkan adalah safety untuk masa depannya.

Nah, here is the critical mass.

Beberapa udah terikat emosional dengan sangat dalam ma cowoknya. Pacaran 4 ato 5 taon, akan bikin mereka punya peluang untuk ngelakukan apapun. Simply karena dulunya pikiran mreka didominasi oleh romance yang mereka tonton. So, awalnya ciuman dianggep romance. It is romance. Tapi lama kelamaan ciuman-nya jadi ciuman nafsu (eros, bibir dengan bibir). Dan I tell you bahwa jarak ciuman nafsu ke petting (meraba-raba) udah deket banget. At this stage, ikatan emosional antara cowok dan cewek tambah dalem. Kalo akhirnya sampe putus, it hurts sooooo bad bagi si cewek (either emotional or physical). Lah, cowoknya? Nyantai aja lagi. Segitunya? Iya. Saya cowok, jadi tau persis itu.

Jadi gimana baiknya?

Saran saya, jangan pacaran kalo kamu msi pake kacamata romance, apalagi kl pacarnya nggak takut Tuhan, jadi nggak ada yang nge-rem. Dan kalo putus di kemudian hari, yang tersisa km jd menderita trauma emosional, fisik... Bagi cewek, nggak gampang lepas dari trauma itu, even sampe nikah, kalo nggak di-cleanse, si cewek akan terus ngerasa jijik dengan keadaan dirinya (para cowok, let me tell you sebagai sesama cowok, please, jangan menyakiti istri orang... cewek yg kalian putus itu, someday akan jadi istri orang laen, you're not only hurt her, but the whole generation!).

Dari mana asalnya semua itu? Simply dari pacaran ketika romance mendominasi pikirannya. Dan untuk cewek2 yang bisa ngelewati masa2 romance di usia 20something tanpa pacaran walopun ada kesempatan, saya salut dengan kalian... Trust me girls, true love can wait.

Think about that, girls.Tell me what do you think.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reading "ness"

Psstt...! I have one special ability that normal human being doesn't have. I realize this ability since I was 20-something... I couldn't remember exactly when and how. But, back at that time, it wasn't so sharp. I mean, many times inacurate... Why so? Most probably because I just lack of experience how to use it or may be I wasn't sure if human being can really have this kind of ability. Later on, I know that this ability is a gift and I want to use it in positive way.

What ability?

Ok, do you know that word "ness" is usually used to turn an adjective into a noun? If you know a bit about grammar, you can compare these sentence to feel the difference:

"You're very kind"
"Thank you for your kindness"
The word "kind" in first sentence functions as an adjective, and the second sentence ("kindness") functions as a noun. We, (yes "you"!), are a unique character that identified by our name. I can use word "Windra" as an adjective that refer to all my distinctive-unique-characters. For example: "His behaviour is so windra". That means, someone has all my characters, the way he thinks, he does, he feels just like me. Additional "ness" after "windra" means the noun. So, the word "windraness" will be a noun to describe all my characters. Got that?

Nah, the ability I talked earlier, is the ability to read other's people' ness. Yes, I can read your "ness". Day by day, I found that my ability to read someone's "ness" is getting sharper and more acurate. Give me 15-30 minutes to talk with someone totally strange. At the end of conversation, all distinctive-unique-characters of that person already in my mind, whether s/he stubborn, smart, cunning, humble, introvert, sincere, has hatred, trauma, burden, good self-control, selfish... Almost everything. My brain seems keep processing while we're having conversation and finally conclude all of his/her "ness" at the end. All his/her characters are concluded not only from the content of our conversation, but from the way s/he talks, his/her mimics, eye movement, head movement, body movement, winks, talking speed, voice, everything. Most likely, I scan through his/her spirit unconsciously, and then pop... They already in my mind. Really... I don't have control to deactivate this ability. Sometime, it just deactivates by itself, without my intervention.

I believe, it's not a curse, but it's a gift

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who are you looking for, Win?

Who are you looking for, Win?

In term of soulmate, I've asked that question for the last 4 years... yet still no answer.

Last month, I thought I've found someone. She's gorgeous, nice, so talented, has a very beautiful heart, and most important, she loves God wholeheartedly. Then, I started to wonder whether she's the one. I tried to know her inside out, getting closer with her, spent time with her and friends. It's been good... really good tough, till last week.

I lost the passion. Completely lost. I don't know what happen, but somehow, it's just lost somewhere. It happens many times. One moment I have that passion, but then the very next moment, it's lost...

Who are you looking for, Win?

I started to ask, why it's easy for me to have the love passion to someone and all of a sudden losing it in a very short time. May be... all those passion are actually temporary passion after all. It exists in some season and when the season is gone, the passion also gone.

But, deep inside my heart, there's someone I love. She's so special for me. I've known her for years, and yet I still have that passion. The passion I have for her now, is exactly the same when I first met her. Is it true love or temporary? I don't know.

But the problem is, I really don't have the courage to tell her...