Friday, May 16, 2008

Double the income

I believe that the age we are living today, is the best age ever in human history. There have never been more possibilities and opportunities than before for people to achieve their goals. The average life span has never been longer, the number of options we can choose has never been greater than before... Meanwhile, the explosion of knowledge, information and technology is really made us overwhelmed by what we should read, should learn, and should do.

If the statement is true for you, than I believe that you may be working harder than ever before, you've stretched you brain to the maximum, you work till the last second you have, and yet never enough hours to finish your job, yet still many tasks waiting to be completed, still many ideas that never come to past and getting worse when there had never enough time for family, friends or doing social networking. Hmm, sounds familiar, ah? (At least the statement so true for me - and most likely also true for some of my collegues)

So, what is wrong here?

Simply because a thing called "distraction"!

Ledakan ilmu pengetahun, informasi dan teknologi bener2 suatu revolusi umat manusia, which is belum pernah terjadi dalam sejarah umat manusia. Berbekal gadget yang so portable nowadays (whether it's laptop or PDA) dengan koneksi internet yang almost everywhere (whether using Wi-fi or GPRS), informasi apapun ada di genggaman tangan. Nah, penyakitnya ada di sini. Basic human needs yaitu curiosity - rasa ingin tahu - membuat kita easily distracted (terbukti bagi mereka yang masih menyempatkan baca blog ini di tengah2 kegiatannya, hayo!). Almost semua knowledge dan informasi ingin kita serap (whether it's important or not important untuk bidang kita). Almost semua entertainment ingin kita nikmati (whether reading good stories, novels, songs, or watching movies). Almost semua activities pingin kita lakukan (Whether bersosialisasi dengan sesama ato sekedar exercise somewhere). In this kind of environment, no wonder that there's always not enough time in a day, isn't it?

Now, you tell me, isn't that awesome IF we can double our income, but in the same time, double our time off - yet without losing our productivity? For the last couple months, I've been trying to formulate to get the formula for "Double the income, and in the same time, double the time off - yet without losing the productivity". Cool, ah?

I've learn many books and audio-books about personal development (usually listen during my-trip-to-anywhere-I-go in my car - actually my car is quite a personal university for me - with the best personality development lecturers in the world ever, such as John C Maxwell, Joel Osteen, Brian Tracy, and also my fave preacher, Pst. Kong Hee and A.R. Bernard). And I come to the conclusion that "Double the income, and in the same time, double the time off - yet without losing the productivity" CAN BE DONE! I repeat, IT CAN BE DONE!

I've tried the formula for couple times and yes, it works... Will share the formula in the next couple postings. Eh, in the meantime, in case you have any idea, can share...

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