Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crossroad of my career

I've been working in this M* C** International University for the last 6 months. Everything just great. I have my own private room with beautiful mount scenery, private newest computer with 24/7 days hi-speed wireless internet connection, working with the professors, expert gurus. The friends are nice, friendly and truly support each other. The students respect me though I'm the youngest IT lecturer and have least experiences among my other colleagues.

Add the fact that once a week, we have class what-so-called "how to teach the class in English". It was taught by one the English professor who has expertise in Linguistic and English literature. We were also taught how to write academic writing, which very important in academic field, especially those who want to write journal or paper in international journal. The university also has scholarship program. They give opportunities for lecturers and staffs to study overseas to get Master Degree or Ph.D - it's absolutely free (but working bond is a must).

In that kind of environment, tell me, what could have been better? For me personally, no doubt that it's the best career in my whole academic working experience. That's the reason why i'm so exciting to go to work everyday. I work for like 75hrs/week.

Ok, here's the "but".

Working as a lecturer in qualified uni has been my dream since I was a teacher in senior high. But, honestly, I can't afford to be a lecturer if I have to lose my freedom. I spent most of my productive hours at office, no other choice... Stay, sit, work in front of computer to do academic things, preparing the slides and exercises, teaching, grading, browsing to enrich the subjects, reading books, discuss with colleagues about the materials, do web programming (check: http://www.m*c****, replace the asterisks with correct characters). That's my daily activities.

Those activities are REALLYY not my DNA. Working from 8 to 5 in the same office everyday REALLLYY not me. Yes, it is my doing, but it's not my being, i wasn't born in that way...

So, I've decided... June 2008 is my end-of-contract-period and... it also becomes the end of my career as office employee.

I'll quit from M* C** University.

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