Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There were times...

[apology if you can't have something positive from this posting]

There were times... (many times, I think) when I reallyyy... realllyyy... want so bad that my normal life back.

What is my normal life? Freedom. I used to have my own time. I used to go wherever I want. I used to be a person that do whatever I want and won't do whatever I don't want. Now, it's all robbed by this M* C** university. No freedom anymore... And after couples months, it's not going to be easier, but it's going to be tougher and tougher. So stressful by what happened recently... works, study, relationship with others... All these things are coming and ruin my life. I was wondering, doubting, unsure if I can walk through all these.

I was asking to myself if all successful people must have done all these stressful things. I really want to ask them how did they finally survive. It is hard... Very hard, indeed.

This proves one thing. I'm an ordinary human being... with all my weaknesses and feel like want to give up many times, feel like want to run away from all problems and start all over again.

Ah, ok then... I glad I still a living human being... and ya, I think I still can have thousand reasons to smile. I think I'm quite sure that there are people who love me unconditionally (my mom for sure)... I think I know that at least thousand of youths read my books and blessed by it (and surprisingly, this blog hits 2000 visitors). Ya, I think my life is so meaningful and impacts other people. Regardless I have many problems, but I know exactly that all my problems are finally solved beautifully at the end. Thanks God for the grace... And I'll make sure that the problems I have right now, will make me more depend and trust in God... I will stand at the end, and hear God whispers to me, "Well done, My son... I'm proud of you."

Thank you, Lord... my greatest honor will always be to serve You, my Lord and my King.

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