Thursday, September 7, 2006

Meet Layne Hanson

Layne Hanson is a 22yrs single, white, female. For me, Layne Hanson definitely is a miracle from God. How come? Who is Layne Hanson anyway? Ok, let me explain. First, just don't make any foolish assumption about my relationship with this young lady, ya?

If you read the posting titled “What a though, busy and exciting week”, you'll notice that I had to upskill my English, because I couldn’t speak English fluently. I couldn’t express my thoughts in English fluently. I had to think for a while to arrange the right sentences. Is that a problem? Yes! For me, it’s a problem because I always want to speak English fluently and correct both grammatically and pronunciation. I also have a dream that someday, I’ll write many books in English (what kind of book? I’ll keep it as a secret until they’re published). So, guess! What am I going to do to solve this problem? Well, I followed the steps in my posting titled “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

  1. I wrote in detail my goal (My goal is that I want to speak English fluently and correct both grammatically and pronunciation).

  2. I stopped with “what-if” scenario (I believe that God is a God of all Language and He has given me a potential to learn language, so I stopped to worry)

  3. I thought about the reward (If I can speak English fluently, I’ll get many benefits. I can communicate with other people in the world!)

  4. I had desire in pray (Well, I prayed! I prayed to God, “God, I want to speak English fluently, I want to upskill my English, I trust that you’re able to give me wisdom so I can speak English fluently...”)

  5. I disciplined my personality (I downloaded many English materials and I studied! I had to discipline my self to study English from that materials)

And guess what? God answers my pray in such a miraculous way! In September 1st, I had a new neighbor. She lives just about 10 meters from my house, quite near from my house. She lives alone and she’s American. She’s an English Teacher in Santo Yusup High School (I also taught in Santo Yusup). So, since we work in the same school and she’s my neighbor, in the last 7 days, we’re quite close to each other (especially when she’s new, doesn’t know many things in Indonesia, doesn’t know many people and can speak Bahasa just a bit).

I told her many things about the cultures and customs in Indonesia, took her to the supermarket and mall for shopping, helped her to settle up the furniture, taught her how to ride a motor bike (because she wanted to have one)... And of course, my English improved a lot! I know, my English isn’t perfect yet, but it will.

I never thought that God will answer my pray in such way. Layne Hanson indeed is a miracle from God. Oh, one more thing, my students keep saying that she's pretty... ;D

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