Thursday, July 27, 2006

What a tough, busy and exciting week

Last week, was a very very tough, busy and exciting week for me.

Last week the class has just started. No papers or assignments yet. But, the subjects are completely new for me. I just realized that Informatics is quite different from Electrical! For this whole month, we’re studying just three subjects, Analog Electronic, Telecommunication and Research Methodology. And yes... They’re new for me and they’re successfully to make me dizzy and faint. I must study very hard in order to catch up the lesson. Reading hundred pages of e-books and sleeping at 1-2am have been my new daily activity.

Busy & Exciting
Last week, 3 brothers and 6 sisters from City Harverst Church, Singapore came to Malang for a mission trip. And... yup, I’m a part of the Malang hospitality team (Mr. Roy, Yuli and me). Our responsibility are to ensure they enjoy their mission trip and provide every single need they might have. I quite enjoyed being with them. They’re truly exciting people and real servant of God!

But, there’s something that bother me. You know what? I can’t express my thoughts in English fluently. I mean, when I spoke to them, it’s not just like when I speak in Bahasa Indonesia. It automatically pops up in my mind and easily says out. When I speak in English, especially for long sentence, I need to think for a while and many many times I make basic grammar mistakes or can’t arrange the right sentence or (the worse) they can’t understand what i’m saying! Ok, if they can’t understand what i’m saying, then something wrong with my English.

I must upskill my English competency. Raj (one of the sisters), gave me “action plan” for short term (1 year) to upgrade my English skill.

  1. I must listen to English Broadcast via Radio everyday for 10 weeks. I must shut down my visual capabilities and sharp my ears. Ok, for the last 4 days, I always listen the English sermon through my portable MP3 player, at least 30 minutes everyday. I think I don’t have problem with listening English program. But I still must comfortable with different types of accent.

  2. I must read ANY English publication or newspaper 2 - 3 days in a week @30 minutes. No problem. I can find and read articles from Yahoo! News or browse some English blogs (any suggestion friends, where I can find good English blog to read?). I’ll do it daily.

  3. I must keep a written record of difficult but common words used. I think this is very important. Usually, when I read article, I just skip the difficult words and never find out the meaning. Ya, I must keep a written of difficult word and quickly find out the meaning.

(This is not part of “action plan” that Raj gave to me, but I’m willing to do, as an extra miles).

  1. I must exercise to EXPRESS my thoughts in English. Yup, I force myself to write at least 300 words in English everyday to get used to with English. But the problem is, I need someone to check and correct my writing. Is someone willing to help me?

  2. I must actively use my English. I need someone to talk with in English. So, every time I get a chance to talk with someone in English, I’ll speak in English.

I wrote this posting as one of my exercise to express my thoughts in English. Sorry friends, I didn’t focus on the contents (like my other postings) instead of, I want to get comfortable with English.

Honestly, it took couples hours to write this posting (less than 700 words) - and I think, I also make a lot grammar mistakes! But I believe, if I consistently doing this, for the next couples weeks, my English will be better and better. So, if you want to give any comments, do it in English, will you?

(What a hard work! Ya. For someone who never use English as primary language, it's very difficult. But I must upgrade my English, so I can serve and translate better for next mission trip teams but the most important is Word of God from the mission trip teams can be spread out effectively!)

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